chakraman blue tapestry throw



peaceful and calming, this chakraman blue tapestry throw pictures a tranquil blue figure amidst a cloud-like atmosphere with two lovely lavender lotus flowers sitting just at the feet. this lovely throw exudes peace and the constant awakening and unfolding of divine discovery to one’s pure self. the chakras in their corresponding colors and symbols are beautifully aligned up the center, leading to the true knowing and connection to one is all and all is one. the thousand-petaled lotus shines in full bloom at the crown, representing pure consciousness from which all other chakras emanate.

this throw is perfect for chakra clearing and activating meditations, and healing arts such as reiki, yoga, and massage, as a soft comfortable throw, or wall art.

chakraman blue tapestry throw
machine cold water washable and tumble dry
100% cotton made in the usa
52″ x 68″ full color tapestry throw blanket
artist and copyright paul heussenstamm

the chakras:

muladhara (root chakra ) red: life, right to be here, grounding, vitality, stability, security, safety, foundation, structure, earth connection, home, sense of belonging, connection to the body, feeling of stability in order to experience sexual ecstasy, manifestation into physical, money, food, earth, joy in life, loyalty, tribal power, sense of belonging, family bond and connection, connection to all life, mass consciousness, will to live, survival care, self-preservation

svatisthana (sacral/creative chakra) orange: order, right to feel, emotions, feelings, creativity, sexuality, relationships with others, interactions, mirroring, choice, decision making, talent, [pleasure, power (giving/receiving-flow between self and others)], unity to that/those which support growth, self-sufficiency/gratification, career, desire to create, contribute, honor one another, identity, resiliency, boundaries/protect oneself, abundance

manipura (solar plexus chakra) yellow: wisdom, right to act, personal power, individual identity, will power, confidence, determination, personality core/self definition, honor oneself, courage, ethics, ambition, action, healing, gut instinct, secure in identity and self, joy also in success of others

anahata (heart chakra) green: love, right to love, peace, central energy powerhouse, emotional development, openness, trust toward life, ability to heal oneself and others, universal love, harmony, understanding, communication between body and spirit, love to self and others, forgiveness, compassion, self-acceptance, love is divine power

vishuddha (throat chakra) sky blue: power, right to speak, expression, communication, desire to speak/hear truth, personal integrity, union with divine will, power of thought, balance between head and heart, creation, understanding responsibility of one’s energy

ajna (brow/third eye chakra) indigo: imagination, right to see, intellect, mental reasoning, wisdom, open mind, knowingness, intuition, evaluating beliefs and attitudes and keeping only what is in alignment with one’s truth-letting go of what is not, becoming conscious, healing, moving beyond polarity to non-judgment, seeing oneness, receiving inspiration/creativity, transform concepts into being, merging with higher mind

sahasrara (crown chakra) violet: understanding and will, right to know, unification, wisdom, non-duality, connecting to spirit/divine source, knowing the joy of the divine, access to pure life force energy and unconditional love, grace, power of faith and trust, internal awareness, inner guidance, trust and knowing, transcendent ideas, spiritual connection, oneness, healing insights, inspiration, presence, integration with higher power