mystical treasures + free spirit adventure style.

jewelry, crystals, incense, sacred statues, + more.

an online store…an enchanting world.


we are the dreamers, believers, and creators.

we are born from the glimmer of the moon and star fire

that marries the salty ocean air.

we flow through the waters and ether as energetic moonshine,

pure and natural, drunk on our own sparkling love light.


we want to remind you that whatever you dream, whatever you love,

your beautiful imagination can paint from your glowing heart.

watch the colors unfold before you as you walk.


like a child seeing the boundless glittering ocean for the first time,

enchanted and running open armed to splash and dance with it,

we want to share that awe-inspired passion for life with you,

offering treasures to bring you magic wherever you flow,

wherever you fly,

wherever you land.


where did we land?

in a small coastal town in southern california,

quaint and sweet and full of dreamers, believers, and creators like you.

full of surf, sun, spirit, art, conscious living, and more yoga per square mile than you can imagine.

the perfect location to keep us immersed in creativity, play, inspiration, and adventure;

inspired to find and create conscious, enlivening, artistic products to bring light, love, joy,

zest for life, and peace to all.


we hope you love visiting this site.

it was created from the heart

as a space to remember to dance in the magic.

everything we do is infused with love

and our desire to contribute in the best way we can

to the highest and best good of all.

it is our highest purpose.

we are all connected

we are all love.

thank you for dancing with us

in the salt + air world.