if lavender fields live in the glittering sparkles reflected from the brilliant sun onto the whitewashed yet clear, calm yet playful waters…this is where amethyst must be born. lit up with peaceful vibrations of love that heal and embrace us, we always feel connected to home. in all ways.

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  • amethyst blooming awareness necklace

    amethyst blooming awareness necklace

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  • amethyst crystal pendant

    amethyst crystal pendant

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  • amethyst faceted studs

    amethyst faceted studs

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  • amethyst goddess grace necklace

    amethyst goddess grace necklace

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  • amethyst intention necklace

    amethyst intention necklace

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  • amethyst oval faceted studs

    amethyst oval faceted studs

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  • clarity + wisdom ring

    clarity + wisdom ring

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  • crystal gypsy goddess earrings amethyst-bsscgeam-sterling silver-protection-purification-inspiration-peace-stability-meditation-balance-clarity-focus-intuition-higher consciousness

    crystal gypsy goddess earrings

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  • crystal pendulums assorted stones-smokey quartz

    crystal pendulums assorted stones

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  • healing mystical blessings ring

    healing mystical blessings ring

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  • inner truth ring

    inner truth ring

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  • medieval amethyst ring

    medieval amethyst ring

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  • phantom amethyst crystal set

    phantom amethyst crystal set

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  • platonic solid sacred geometry crystal set- clear quartz

    platonic solid sacred geometry crystal set

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  • small amethyst faceted studs

    small amethyst faceted studs

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