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synchronizing with the communication of your universe: animal medicine, crystals, deities, nature, and symbols.

play in all of the gifts and fun the universe loves to offer!

on this page we have gathered and expanded upon some fun information on the natural and positive energies always available and embracing us.

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it’s your world, so it may as well speak to you in your highest intent. see the love, see the magic, participate in life with all of your light.

this information is intended for entertainment, enjoyment, and opening doors to possibility and connection.

take what resonates and leave the rest. you know your answers.

have fun and be love!

animal medicine


butterflies represent beautiful beginnings, positive changes, happy love and union/marriage/ partnership, harmony, balance, grace, and our ever-evolving souls. they represent all stages of creation as emergence in beauty, awareness, joy, and bliss. butterflies are the celebration of the art of transformation, transmutation, and the dance of joy! they inspire clarity, courage for change and growth, and express the beauty of rebirth, forward motion, and freedom. butterfly says that all change is good and to move and enjoy the dance of life, and not take things so seriously. life has a beautiful flow and transformation can occur as sweetly, gently, and joyfully as we wish.

when the caterpillar goes within and has the courage for change and growth, the beauty of rebirth is then experienced. celebrate the art of transformation as it gives way to joy, forward motion, and freedom. enjoy every moment of these beautiful journeys as you become clear and light, and your wet wings become full and dry…and fly butterfly, share your magnificent colors with the world!


crab offers clarity, protection, + confidence in direction. shedding the shell when it’s time for rebirth. crab shows us we are safe + protected when clear in our intentions + boundaries, + that we have permission to say no when needed. crab reminds us: care for oneself + be in tune w what feels right + what doesn’t. embrace the power of self-protection + feeling safe. know when to let down one’s armor. honor one’s unique path. and trust in natural flow + divine protection.


deer invites us to be gentle without being defenseless or victimized, rather taking control and making changes where needed. deer medicine helps balance power with a knowing that true power is gentle, loving, and compassionate. be gentle and love unconditionally, not holding others in expectation. we find what we love about ourselves and others and love ourselves enough to feel our fears and let them go, for they cannot exist where there is gentleness and love. deer represent gracefulness, transformation, innocence, dreams, introspection, keen intuition, death and rebirth, and growth and expansion into higher attunement, perspective, and perception. deer brings the birth of freshness and new adventure, reminding you of your ability to adapt and experience such beginnings. we can call on deer’s acute vision, hearing, and recognition of subtle movement at distances for intuition, clarity, and knowing of deeper truths so we can feel tranquility, ease, and peace of mind.

the stag accentuates magnificence, force, strength, messages, and understanding of death and rebirth.

the fawn accentuates healthy family connection and persistent love, care, and gentle spirit. loving enough to feel and then release fear, and coming from a place of love for all aspects, light and dark, fawn does not fight or fear internal demons. this paves the way to connect one’s true divinity and to spirit. fawn medicine accentuates protection from outside influences in order to stay strong and grounded in the ability to love unconditionally and operate from a place of truth. this allows peace, centeredness, serenity, and healing, allowing one to live, and be from a space of unconditional love. fawn reminds us to connect to our true divinity as this helps influence others to connect to theirs, expanding oneness and unconditional love!


dolphins are the mammals of the primordial waters of all of life, the ocean. their medicine is very strong with their magical rhythm of breathing, swimming, sound, and play. sound, breath, and water are considered sources of all of life and creation, making the dolphin an extremely powerful totem! water is creativity, passion, and sensuality, freely flowing, and powerfully forming. breath is passion, sensuality, and release, as the dolphin shows in its exquisite rhythm of swimming and breath work. breath can also alter your conscious mental, emotional, and spiritual states, helping open and align with new dimensions of life, passion, sensuality, and health of body, mind, and spirit. dolphins use sonar-clicks and sounds and the reverberations. sacred sound is the creative life force that comes from silence…inner sounds create outer manifestations. this powerful animal can open new creation and dimensions to a great degree and remind us to use sound, water, and breath to bring forth manifestations! dolphins are highly intelligent, benevolent, and altruistic beings known to perform rescues, even for humans. they remind us of our great compassion and love for all things, along with our connection as elements in universal harmony. they also represent wisdom, eloquence, freedom, magic, change, discovery, truth, connection, trust, balance, and harmony. they connect us to earth and the rhythms of nature and creation, reminding us that we are whole. dolphins are delightfully playful, reminding us to experience life…to breathe it into ourselves and play in the waves of joy! get out and explore, play, and breathe! dive in!


dragonfly shows the power of light and all that it represents, reminding us that we can bend, shift, and reflect light in powerful ways. reflecting and refracting vibrant, shimmering color, and passing through many color changes throughout their lifespan, these dazzling beauties tell us to balance our emotion and passion with clarity and open perspective, letting the emotional and mental aspects cooperate together. this allows us to connect to our inner knowing, see through illusion, know the power of our creative imagination, and bring about transformation. as a result, we are following our own dreams, allowing our true colors to shine as our light shows us the truth and wonder of the continuous evolutions and creations of our vibrant visions. dragonflies are associated with the faerie realms and the spirit of nature. they tell us the importance of sun and fresh water for healing and replenishing, and of connecting deeply to these realms and being the magic that we are. break down the illusions and let the true expressions of your inner light shine!


the eagle is the ultimate symbol of freedom. it is a connection to great vision, precision, and grace. the extraordinary large bird courses the sky, sometimes with perseverance, and sometimes coasting on the heat pockets and airstreams that move it forward. impeccable timing, focus, precision, and follow through are great skills of this bird that represents expansion and grounding your highest work, and knowing your own power and using it with grace and integrity. take flight with the freedom of knowing that all power and knowing comes from within. the vision, wisdom, and creation of the eagle and great creator are within all of us, and the mysterious beautiful ways of life will move with us when we bring forth ideas into reality for the highest and best good. seize the freedom of the moment and take flight!


elephants are a being of power and compassion and signify long life, fertility, and success. they are seen as magnificent, regal creatures and known for their advanced emotional intelligence and loyalty. they represent strength, power, and gentleness, reminding us that obstacles are gently moved and loving days of creativity and abundance are ours when we live with love and compassion from our heart and soul. elephant has a very strong focus on family, connectedness, love, affection, and sacred marriage and brings cooperation, harmony, discernment, and lovingkindness.


see deer/stag/fawn.


frog represents abundance, fertility, and prosperity on all levels. beginning life in the water, frog offers cleansing, healing, clarity, and protection, and assists in knowing when it’s time to relax, refresh, purify, rejuvenate, and replenish the soul. appreciate tears and all that which cleanses the soul for rebirth. take time for self, rid of distractions, and cleanse from one’s life that which brings negative energy…be it old patterns and murky emotions, or people who do not support serenity, replenishment, and joy. frog helps cleanse these energies, create boundaries, and bring about clear, positive energies. water is also “superconductive”, tapping into other elements of reality, awakening creative energies, and bringing in powerful energies of new life. frog gives support and energy where needed. frog is also a master of the power of sound, as the frog’s call, the ribbit, sings to father sky for the powers of sound vibration (thunder) and cleansing waters (rain). frog opens one to the ability to speak well and without fear; with a confidence and eloquence that has the power to encourage others to participate in new beneficial endeavors. frog is flexible, adaptable, independent, empathetic, balanced (particularly in conscious and unconscious mind), and enjoys change. let frog assist in the awakening of new, creative powers of your own voice and share your hidden beauty and power!


the goldfish is a symbol of good luck, bringing it to marriage, relationships, family, and within households. another water friend, these little ones have been known to represent change, transformation, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, union, creativity, adaptability, determination, and freedom.


hummingbirds move their wings at rapid speeds in the figure 8 pattern of infinity. they are a symbol of honesty, freedom, color, love, and playfulness. with their extraordinary bills and tongues built to extract nectar, they cannot survive without flowers and many flowers cannot survive without them. singing a vibration of pure joy and being quite playful, they represent tireless joy and wonder, accomplishing what seems impossible, and relishing in the sweetness and nectar of life. they are extremely skilled fliers capable of traveling great distances, able to move forward, backward, sideways, hover, take off and stop at great speeds, and feed in midair. hummingbirds represent the feminine desire to birth and nurture our expression, to find our joy, and to create love and joy in the home. hummingbird flies away from disharmony and discord and reminds us to live with a loving, open heart so as to truly taste the nectar and see the true colors of the pure bliss of life, guiding us to beautiful relationships that bring out the best in us. they remind us to enjoy laughter, music, and the gifts all around us. hummingbird teaches us to renew the magic of living, expanding joy in all directions, and that if we truly love what we are doing, we become light as a feather and rich with nectar, helping others taste the succulent nectar of life!


lions live in prides and work together in life duties such as hunting. they invite you to observe your lessons or roles in your group or community. lion is often associated with the rise of the feminine, as the lioness does most of the work within the pride, hunting, and rearing the cubs. lions show great patience and affection with their cubs. lion represents the power of the sun in its feminine aspects, as the sun births new days, and nurtures and warms life. this reminds us to bring light into our life by trusting the feminine energies of creativity, intuition, and imagination. while the lioness does most of the work, male lions are protective and cooperative and use their roar to protect and to scare prey toward the female huntresses. lions are stealth, and avoid danger and confrontation. they tell us also to know that we have nothing to prove and can accomplish what is needed without drama or “conquering”. true power is strong in its gentle nobility and firm stance in the highest truth. now and then, a simple roar may be necessary to voice boundaries. lions symbolize leadership, strength, courage, nobility, goodwill, ability to organize, assertiveness, wisdom, and enthusiasm. let lion inspire you to stretch your talents, voice, and creativity, knowing you are capable; to explore your passions, broaden your horizons, and share this with your community, leading or cooperating when necessary.


the pegasus is a being of light, beauty, and truth. this majestic winged being is a loyal protector and guide for life here and in worlds beyond. pegasus is able to see the magic in humans and offers the power of the creative spirit. bringing forth inspiration and beauty, pegasus is a magnificent guide to soar high with you as you take your journeys to create and share your inspired expressions of beauty!


ram represents great force, power, strength, virility, fertility, and prowess. they accentuate procreative force and the ability to create your dreams. their horns grow larger with each year, eventually forming a spiral, a symbol of great creativity. this also represents the imagination, inspiration, and mental capabilities growing stronger; the ability to act on inspiration. rams are able to take great leaps and balance on cliffs as small as two inches. this reminds us to assert our strength, bring forth the power of mind and imagination, and stay balanced as we leap to initiate new endeavors and adventures. ram says to take advantage of opportunities and trust in our ability to land safely on our feet in those new beginnings. there is no competition or need to be competitive and bang your head! be confident in your abilities to keep safe, balanced, and succeed!


ravens are highly intelligent and can even be trained to speak. while carl jung viewed them as a symbol of the shadow self, some native american tribes view the raven as a whisperer of light, bringing understanding and luminosity to darkness. they are often seen as messengers and represent wisdom and knowledge.


look for elements of awakening to new orbits and visions as the scarab is infused with creative powers. tap into the creative forces of unlimited imagination with the scarab, and unlock the magic within.

sea star or starfish

sea stars symbolize sensitivity, guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance, + abundance! they're extraordinary sensory creatures that operate by feeling, sensing, moving, + regenerating. their ability to regenerate reminds us that we have the capability to create new patterns in our own beliefs + behaviors. that we can actually change our own neural pathways, facilitating healing + renewal. being creatures of the water, they also represent intuition, emotion, healing, cleansing, + purification.


the seahorse is a symbol of awareness, protection, patience, peace, grace, generosity, and connection. seahorse reminds us that there is nowhere to get and nothing to prove; to recognize the beauty and magic in where we are and who we are right this very moment. they also remind us to be aware of inflexibility and stubbornness and to use our awareness to keep our perception sharp-knowing when protective walls are necessary and when to let our armor down. they assist in emotional clarification, reminding us to be active in our nourishing qualities for self and others. seahorse also symbolizes the balance of masculine and feminine and the importance of sharing duties, responsibilities, play, and looking at perspectives together with our partner. most notably, however, the seahorse has an intricate, beautiful mating dance, invoking deeper romance and connection.


snake represents the power of creation and embodies the creative energy of sexuality. it is also a symbol of the awakening kundalini that begins as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine until this powerful spiritual energy arises, awakening the chakras, and offering extensive healing and wisdom. snake energy is the energy of transformation and transmutation as the snake sheds its skin (old outgrown belief patterns) to emerge anew. snake invokes healing, transformation, transmutation, wholeness, cosmic consciousness, sexuality, creativity, intuition, creation, knowledge, and wisdom.


swan exudes grace and beauty. they connect one to the power of self that is confident, intuitive, creative, and full of grace. swans are artistically connected to poetry and music. this is a mystical bird of enduring love, inner beauty, inner light, transformation, and surrender to the grace of the universe while trusting in its protection. swan is considered a sacred bird of the soul and a bridge between earth and spirit.


the unicorn is a powerful creature of beauty said to bring blessings, freedom, healing, miracles, purity, and enchantment. in mythology, their horns neutralize poisons and their tears heal wounds and sorrows. according to legend, unicorns are a rare, mysterious, uncapturable creature that can be seen only by those who are virginal in the true metaphysical sense; meaning, the pure of heart and virtuous in deed. as a unicorn's horn symbolizes in pointing upward, they are believed to be of a higher realm; one of unity as opposed to duality. unicorns are a beast drawn to the feminine and the feminine quality of nurturing all of life. therefore, they are associated with the moon, growth, birth, rebirth, renewal, and fertility.


the whale is an animal of the waters of life and reminds us of the powers of regeneration and rebirth. whale teaches us sound and music to balance and heal; the power of navigating time and space, and connecting to our substance and being through song and sound. singing is one of the most powerful creative acts as sound is the creative force of life and awakens our most powerful spiritual connection, abilities, and healing energies. whales remind us to use sound as they do sonar; for feedback and perception. this allows us to see where we are and reflect greater possibilities than we can imagine. these powerful and magical record keepers of the earth and sea also represent intuition, loving and gentle inner strength, compassion, generosity, humanitarianism, wealth, prosperity, creativity, long life, family, friends, trust, and telepathic communication. whale reminds us how powerful our voice is as an instrument of sound and to use it constructively and with mindfulness, acting upon our inspiration in the highest and best way for the highest and best good!



agate cleanses the aura, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. it assists in awakening and opening to one's inner Self. agate strengthens analytical capabilities, helping us to think clearly, concurrently assisting in gaining inspiration from spiritual worlds.

blue lace agate

blue lace agate assists in communication with and from one’s higher guidance, so as to move beyond old programming and fear of judgment or rejection, in order to speak one’s truth. it strengthens the throat chakra in order to help speak with confidence in knowing one’s truth and sharing it for the highest and best good as our words create our reality. it assists in speaking the highest truth with clarity and eloquence, bringing about about clear understanding from others. blue lace agate is a stone of loyalty and trustworthiness. it is centering, calms the mind, and allows trust in inner silence and truth.

fire agate

fire agate is stabilizing, fiery, + vibrant. it brings integrity + re-awakens one's inner life force, creativity, sexual energy, + zest for life.

flower agate

flower agate is connected to the heart and root chakras and the divine feminine. it fertilizes and energizes our heartfelt intentions and is a grounding stone that encourages our personal growth, nurtures our emotional healing, and releases fear. flower agate invokes inspiration, spontaneity, and joy, encouraging us to pursue our dreams and bringing us inner peace.


amazonite is a stone of peace, truth, communication, integrity, compassion, and harmony. it helps us dispel worries, fear, and anger and encourages us to connect to our inner power and take charge of our life. it helps us gain clarity regarding our gifts to offer to the world. amazonite opens, clears, heals, and stimulates the throat and heart chakras to express truth from the heart while also considering another's truth. it assists in using vocabulary and the power of the spoken word to magnify our intentions and manifest the dreams and desires of our hearts, walking the walk of which we speak and acting in alignment with truth and integrity in our highest and best good.


blue apatite

blue apatite uplifts the spirit and reconnects us with our appetite for life. it clears and stimulates the third eye chakra allowing us to gain access to greater knowledge and guidance. apatite helps to connect with intuitive visionary states and abilities. this brings encouragement to know one’s authentic Self, increasing trust and confidence. apatite can also assist in spiritual attunement, meditation, and past-life and lucid dreaming work.


amber is sunny, bright, and soothing. it protects, connects, promotes creativity, and assists in movement to higher consciousness. amber purifies as it absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive. it's resin came from ancient living trees and carries the vibration of organic life, therefore it promotes connection and has the familiarity of an old friend. amber supports the vibration of choice in choosing and being chosen and is often used in the renewal of marriage vows.


due to its high frequency, amethyst is a healing violet stone of spiritual protection and purification. it can transmutes negative energy into positive, cleansing the aura, balancing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and helping them connect to the spiritual. amethyst stimulates the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras, making it a powerful assistant to silencing thought and opening to higher spiritual connection and intuition. this makes it a wonderful tool for intuitive work, as one can be open to enhanced intuition, higher states of consciousness and awareness, and insights from one’s higher self while staying protected, clear, and centered. this assists in focus and decision making, and enhances creativity, passion, and deeper connection in relationships. as it increases spiritual awareness, amethyst assists in stability, strength, inspiration, and a true sense of peace, making it an excellent stone for healing, meditation, balance, and clarity. amethyst is also said to assist in overcoming addiction, as it helps identify the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that brought the imbalance into existence. it then offers calming, transmuting energy of a higher vibration to cleanse it. connect to spirit! know your divinity!


angelite is connected to the energies of spirit, one’s guardian angels, guides, and spiritually aligned beings. it allows communication with beings and energy of higher dimensions, deepening attunement and heightening intuition and perception. in providing a connection to receive love and guidance from those assisting from higher planes and vibration, it is also a stone of protection. angelite stimulates the third eye and crown chakra and soothes the throat chakra so it can help one communicate intuitive insights and feel the peaceful vibration of the higher realms. it is excellent for remembering, understanding, and interpreting guidance received in dreamwork and inner visions. it also facilitates a lightness of being during difficult times, and peace to entangled situations. a stone of tranquility and inner peace, angelite assists one in moving into meditation, quiet peaceful states, and expanded awareness, facilitating connection to universal knowledge.


aquamarine is a pristine stone like the translucent blue-green ocean, creating a calm, relaxed, yet alert state, clarifying perception. it helps you to connect with the subconscious, deep emotion, and the oneness of mass consciousness, encouraging service to humanity. aquamarine is the stone of courage and empowerment, stimulating the access to inner knowing and feeling, along with the assimilation of new knowledge, invoking higher states of consciousness and awareness. it promotes clear communication from the heart and courageous expression of your highest truth. aquamarine helps clear judgment and stagnant energy, release old, self defeating patterns, and assist in your alignment with the art of allowing and trusting in the spirited vivacity of life!


aragonite is soothing and energizing. it clears, cleanses, balances, and activates, healing the emotional body for strength and confidence. it can facilitate recall of memories of past experiences or old emotional wounds to be cleared from the body and auric field. aragonite facilitates emanation of love and compassion, and creates a web of light force, helping one realign with Love! it encourages expression through words, the arts, and other communication.(cleanse this healing stone often).

black moonstone

see moonstone

black onyx

see onyx

black tourmalated quartz

see quartz

black tourmaline

see tourmaline

blue apatite

see apatite

blue lace agate

see agate

blue opal

see opal

blue topaz

see topaz

bumblebee jasper

see jasper


carnelian is a stone of happiness, known to reduce loneliness and depression and create emotional balance. it is an excellent stone for creativity, passion, leadership, courage, and protection. carnelian stimulates a love of life, allowing one to move away from destructive situations and release sabotaging and extraneous thoughts in order to move toward happiness, joy, and vitality. it helps focus the mind, assisting in decision making, motivation, and taking action. this brings confidence, courage, and inner power. in its deep fire orange color, warm and joyful carnelian activates the first three chakras, bringing abundance in life force, sexual, and creative energies. it grounds, stabilizes, stimulates, + empowers. carnelian inspires those who have been generally more passive to break free of fear in order to trust and take action to achieve one’s highest goals and aspirations. carnelian resonates with the physical, assisting in physical pursuits in care of the body temple. it helps purify, break unhealthy habits, and increase physical activity, stamina, and endurance.


charoite helps one release blocks and acclimate to and ground higher energies into the physical realm. it assists in recognizing one’s highest potential, path, and power in service to the earth and highest good of all. one will know they are protected from harm. charoite helps keep energetic boundaries in place in order to not confuse one's energy with others’, bringing clarity to intuitive information. this makes it a wonderful stone for empaths and those who do healing work.

chalcedony/blue chalcedony/

description coming soon


chrysocolla emanates gentleness and power and is a stone of empowerment of feminine energies in both women and men. it is the stone of all aspects of sound healing, facilitating expression of the heart through all forms of sound, whether through words (spoken or sung) or other sacred sound frequencies. this empowering stone stimulates and links the heart, throat, and root chakras for clear connection to inner wisdom and flow of powerful life force energy. it cleanses and opens the throat chakra allowing one to communicate the wisdom of the heart’s deepest truth and the mind’s highest knowledge with gentleness and precise expression. chrysocolla encourages sharing one’s true self with freedom, spontaneity, eloquence, and reverence, without ruse or masks. it keeps one open to share wisdom from experiences and learn from others.


chrysoprase attracts love, prosperity, joy, health, and a youthful spirit. it stimulates a strong, healing energy, and connection with nature. it is a stone of the heart, helping one remain centered there. it also activates the solar plexus, uniting one’s will with the heart and the highest good of all. this creates a constant connection, allowing one to understand the interconnectedness of all creation, healing loneliness, and reinforcing courage, compassion, and desire to contribute to the highest and best good. this profound vibration and connection allows one to receive the infinite love and abundance of the universe.


stimulating and synchronizing the first (root), second (sacral/sexual/creative), third (solar plexus), and sixth (third eye) chakras, citrine greatly assists manifestation, inspires creative imagination and self expression, enhances self esteem and powers of personal will, and stimulates an effective clear thinking process. citrine opens the imagination to realms beyond existence and into limitless possibility. it removes self doubt and concern or sensitivity of outside criticism, enhancing self trust, self respect, and self worth. citrine purifies your channels to manifestation and will, boosting your ability to heighten and bring imagination to creation and fruition. it attracts joy, love, prosperity, and abundance in all things good, is a fantastic stone for success in many fields of business, and is ideal for all types of artists. citrine is an excellent stone for exercise and physical activity, as it even increases physical stamina! citrine creates a protective light around the aura, wonderful for anyone who is sensitive to outside energy influences. it even purifies other stones. a lovely ally to have with you any day, citrine is an amazing stone of joy, luck, manifestation, imagination, creativity, personal will, and protection!

clear quartz

see quartz

cubic zirconia

cubic zirconia (casually referred to as "CZ") is a diamond simulant often called "the stone of practicality". it is commonly used for grounding, improving focus, + increasing clarity. CZ is believed to release ego, remove illusion, + dissipate selfishness. while some believe the stone doesn't have an energy, many find it exhibits some of the same metaphysical properties as zirconium since zirconium oxide is the base powder used to create CZ. zirconium oxide is abundant in lunar + asteroidal rock, + is a byproduct of titanium processing.


dumortierite enhances all mental abilities, discipline, balance, and learning capacity, assisting memory and new thought synthesis. it activates the third eye and stimulates intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. dumortierite strengthens emotional intelligence and assists in attuning to the divine mind frequency, opening inner insight and allowing divine inspiration and higher guidance for one’s Self and others.


emerald is a stone of unconditional love, compassion, and Divine Love. it is the purest stone of the Green Ray, opening and activating the heart and heart chakra. it allows one to live and act from the heart’s wisdom, opening one to love on all levels. emerald is an emotional healer, nurturing and strengthening the heart, giving one the courage to give and receive love in its purest expression. it revitalizes passion and allowance of universal blessings and abundance in one’s life.


epidote is a vibrational magnet bringing one what is in alignment with their thoughts and energy in accordance with their highest good. the positive brings more positive and can be programmed to enhance more love and abundance as it is given. meanwhile, the negative will bring into awareness a need for change, as it can help reveal the core of emotional patterns so one can perceive positive ways to transform them. epidote can also raise ones vibration + can bring a positive + enlightening energy.

fire agate

see agate


fluorite is protective and grounding, while balancing third eye chakra and mental energies. its energy calms overwhelmed mental states, relieving any form of uneasiness, instability, and fear. it clears the environment of confusion, cluttered thoughts, and negativity, harmonizing and bringing order to chaos. it is extremely helpful in intuition, discernment, and clear decisions. fluorite helps to bring balance, enhancing learning and memory. this facilitates a calm energy that eases worry and anxiety and helps pick one creative area to focus on and take steps of action to do so, helping manifest ideas and energies into physical reality. fluorite can lend access to higher levels of energy and awareness in order to assist in shifting energetic blueprints, making it a wonderful assistant to healers and those working on self healing. fluorite helps one focus and attune to higher guidance and receive intuitive information. in addition, it cleanses and heals the heart chakra and connects the mind and actions to the alignment of the heart and universal consciousness.


red garnet is a beautiful deep red stone that energizes and regenerates the body, chakras, and dna, stimulates kundalini energy, and manifests that of the creative imagination into form. it is a powerful stone to enhance creative energy, also helping remove inhibitions and build self confidence. protecting from negative energies, it also dissolves old behavior patterns that are no longer in alignment with your highest truth. garnet is also a potent stone of commitment, attraction, loyalty, affection, romantic love, and passion, enhancing intimacy, sensuality and sexual energies!

gold sheen obsidian

see obsidian


hematite is an extraordinary stone of protection, grounding, manifestation, and integration. it creates harmony with the body, mind, and spirit. hematite is an excellent stone for bringing that which one sees in the expanded awareness of the higher realms here into the physical plane, creating original thought and manifestation. it can help one carry very high frequencies while still remaining connected to the soul of the earth and one’s body. hematite carries a balanced energy of both polarizations of many aspects (such as feminine and masculine) and integrates the shadow self with the higher self in order to be whole. this stone lends focus, strength, courage, fortitude, self-esteem, survivability, willpower, reliability, and confidence, removing self-limitation. bring that which is in your highest and best good to earth and enjoy!

hematoid quartz

see quartz


hemimorphite is reminiscent of flowing waters and bright skies. the water energy flows in emotional healing and communication. the colors of the sky mirror connection to high spiritual frequencies and angelic energies. hemimorphite enhances one’s true compassion, empathy, and wisdom. it heals the throat chakra and opens those above it, allowing communication of true feelings with self-trust, confidence, and clarity. it can aid in healing relationships and guiding them to compassion, forgiveness, and true, loyal connection. hemimorphite is a stone of wisdom and joy in the gift of life experience. it helps one find peace through all moments, even allowing sorrow to eventually flow into gratitude and joy in being and sharing life.

herkimer diamond

herkimer diamond is one of the most spiritually attuned stones, emanating with a pure, high, harmonious vibration of spiritual light. it works beautifully to purify your energy and gracefully attune it with the highest spiritual light and divine essence, while allowing you to stay connected to your body and to earth. herkimer clears chakras, energizing and enlivening, facilitating release and transformation, in order to allow spiritual energy to flow. this promotes flow in life and creativity! herkimer is wonderful for purifying and cleansing a space and also clears electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity. herkimer diamond is a wonderful healer overall as it strengthens your body’s ability to utilize increased light energy and also purifies and cleanses the body, supporting your physical stamina and energy level. due to its provision of a strong, constant connection to high divine energy, it also stimulates clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and connection to higher beings and domains. it assists in interdimensional shifts and work, and can strengthen dream work, astral travel, and reality expansion. herkimer also enhances telepathy. it is a wonderful stone for partners as it can attune and link people together if both connect, put the stones together, then each retain a stone.


hypersthene is a soothing and calming stone able to ease stress and anxiety that can come from worry and being overworked. it can assist in seeing and hearing intuitive answers and bring confidence in decisions. it’s considered a magic stone due to its ability to help enhance visionary and auditory psychic gifts. one can hear messages from spirit and use creative visualization for manifestation. hypersthene aids in deep meditation and inner reflection for self-healing and self-acceptance in order to integrate the shadow side. one can love and accept the judged and disregarded parts of oneself.


iolite is a spectacular blue-violet color stone that links the brain and heart and opens one to visions and awareness from higher vibratory realms. it stimulates creative expression and allows one to access higher information and ideas.

ibis jasper

see jasper.


jasper helps restore balance, alignment wholeness. it’s a grounding and stabilizing stone with a great connection to nature, earth, and humanity. its nurturing energy brings a feeling of comfort and safety. jasper reminds us of our connection to all living things and that we are here to bring joy and substance to each other. it assists in strength, courage, determination, and vitality. jasper also stimulates creativity and imagination, motivating one to turn ideas into action.

bumblebee jasper

bumblebee jasper brings us in attunement with our ‘gut feelings,’ or instincts. this enhances courage and helps release fear and hesitation so we can feel confident in our decisions and enjoy the adventures in life. bumblebee jasper merges inspiration, passion, clarity, and purpose, especially in areas suited to our inner spiritual makeup. it empowers us to have the endurance to persist through obstacles to achieve dreams which are deeply meaningful to us.

bumblebee jasper is formed from a sedimentary rock combination that contains sulfur, manganese oxide, realgar and orpiment (arsenic-sulfide minerals), and calcium carbonate. this makeup is different from most jasper and so it is not a “true” jasper and some say it is more of an agate. its known locations are only inside volcanoes located in Australia and Indonesia. be cautious if your stone becomes broken or chipped. if it does, you should dispose of it or have it sealed so you don’t come in contact with any powder. the yellow coloring is due to the presence of sulfur, which is toxic, as is arsenic, so care should be taken - always wash your hands after handling this stone, especially any broken pieces.

ibis jasper

ibis jasper is a beautiful newly discovered stone from madagascar that brings joy, acceptance, + connection to our intuition, higher wisdom, + spirit. it is said to help us through stress, trauma, + overwhelm, releasing blockages + supporting energetic shifts, attunements, + breakthroughs. ibis jasper goes through an intense process of being broken apart + then mending itself using other minerals like chalcedony, agate, + all kinds of quartz. it shares the strengths of healing the fractured parts of ourselves, integrating shadow + wisdom, + accepting our light. this can bring understanding + healing, connection to divine creation, + wholeness.

maligano jasper

maligano jasper is a grounding and stabilizing stone with a great connection to nature, earth, and humanity. it helps stabilize the aura and balance the emotional, physical, intellectual, and ethereal bodies to restore alignment and wholeness. its intricate patterns and layers help us see our own layers that need to be shed to get to our core truth and allow rebirth. maligano jasper brings guidance and comfort as we align with our divine inner knowing.

ocean jasper

ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits, uplifting one’s mood and helping one see the benevolence and blessings in life. in feeling this, the truth of one’s loves and joys become clear and are no longer taken for granted, and gratitude and enjoyment of the present moment is at the forefront of one’s life experience. ocean jasper’s benevolent energy can permeate a room and bring a joyous experience to those who share the space. it’s calming, soothing energy can bring peace, serenity, and gratitude to one’s physical and emotional body, mind, and spirit.

polychrome jasper

polychrome jasper (also called desert jasper) is a newer form of the stone found in madagascar, and is said to be the rarest. this stone helps one to see multiple ways to bring about desired experiences in life and make the changes necessary to become the person they want to be. it supports the relationships that bring one's best self forth. polychrome jasper revitalizes one's sense of awe and magic, enhancing ones ability to forge ahead on their path with determination, passion, and exuberance. at the same time, it allows one to see the joy in the simple, everyday moments, bringing about gratitude, cheerful optimism, and peace.

unakite jasper

unakite jasper is a stone of love, compassion, and kindness that creates a oneness with Earth, connecting you to its healing life force energies. it’s a nurturing stone of the heart and mind and assists in removing old traumas and wounds with ease and grace. it helps release negative thoughts, outgrown emotional patterns, + unwanted habits. unakite helps balance the emotional body, stabilize the aura, and bring the energetic and physical bodies into alignment, allowing higher attunement. it promotes inner peace and calmness.


kunzite activates heart knowing allowing a beautiful, healing communion with the mind and love of all that is. it opens the heart to the energies of Divine Love, radiating it outward and bringing one into the vibration of kindness, serenity, oneness, and altruism. it dissolves fear blocks relating to trust, allowing creativity, expression, and connection. kunzite inspires being present in the perfection of the moment, releasing resistance to life and bringing the energy of joy into one’s daily experience.


kyanite strengthens the throat and third eye chakras. it increases communication, expression of one’s truth, and spiritual awareness. it helps one connect to higher sources and gather information, assisting with guidance in spiritual matters. kyanite aligns all chakras and helps build bridges of light and create new energetic pathways. it is also a wonderful stone for dream work and astral travel. this unique stone clears and does not hold negative energy, helping calm anger and feelings of despair.


labradorite helps purify our energies while protecting and strengthening them. it awakens intuitive abilities, helping us live our highest purpose. labradorite is an interdimensional stone of truth, inner knowledge, and higher awareness. it allows us to pierce the veils and work with our inner selves and guides, keeping us in harmony with our divine purpose. labradorite brings awareness of the magical synchronicities that help us allow the unfolding of our highest potential and movement toward self mastery.


lepidolite strengthens the heart-mind connection + soothes + balances one’s emotions. its calming energy enhances feelings of peace, serenity, + love + helps one address + release stress + anxiety. lepidolite activates + maintains connection to the higher self + divine presence so one can consciously co-create with that presence. this brings about a life flow full of positive synchronicities that continuously arise from one’s enlightened awareness + intentions!

lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli is the stone of true royalty and spirituality, as it awakens one to deep inner knowing and one’s divine nature. it activates the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and access the higher mind and spiritual guidance. lapis also balances the throat chakra so one can speak from this highest truth. it enhances creativity from divine inspiration and connection to source, and is a stone of visionary awareness. lapis enhances intellectual ability for learning and teaching. it can be used to explore self knowledge and reflection as a way to move into expanded awareness and perspective. its enhancing of higher states of self awareness assists in identifying one’s gifts and abilities, as well as opportunities for growth. it enhances meditative journeys, clairvoyance, and knowing. lapis encourages the sovereignty and true power of one’s highest self and highest truth. with connection to this true power that comes from the most profound love within, relationships with loved ones expand with great love.


malachite is a healing stone of protection, transformation, will, confident action, and recognizing and using one’s power of manifestation for the highest and best good. it permeates one’s aura with positive vibrations and screens it from negative or hostile forces, keeping one safe and protected. malachite helps exercise boundaries when needed, while also helping one recognize and move through blocks, old patterns, and emotional traps that were stunting spiritual growth. in addition to relieving constrictive energy patterns, it also clears and activates the chakras while attuning to spiritual guidance so life force energy flows vibrantly through the aura and body. this facilitates deep emotional healing and enhances intuition and insight. malachite stimulates the solar plexus and aligns one with personal and divine will, strengthening willpower and self-responsibility. it enhances one’s higher passions for life and creating, increasing the ability to be active in creating form from one’s thoughts and ideas. malachite helps one see and utilize their power to co-create with the universe in the highest and best good to manifest dreams and wishes without fear of expression and being seen.

maligano jasper

see jasper


moldavite is a special stone of the highest and purest vibration believed to be assisting with the awakening of humanity, and is even associated with the holy grail (an “emerald that fell from the sky”). it is a transformational and activating stone, known to promote spiritual evolution, physical cleansing, spiritual breakthroughs, and manifest positive life change. it can also activate the dream state. this stone stimulates kundalini and deeply opens, cleanses and activates all chakras, especially the heart and above. it is also said to bring harmony to marital relationships. moldavite is a combination of meteoric material and earth rock, associated with a meteoric collision. it resonates with the connection of earth and cosmos and our connection to both (and all realms in between). it is a stone for accelerating one on the path of their highest destiny and evolution, vibrating to the tune of pure, perfect wholeness. love your journey!


moonstone is the mysterious stone of new beginnings likened to the divine feminine and the cycles of the moon and our continuous evolution to a higher perspective. it helps clear the aura and balance emotion, enhancing emotional intelligence and helping guide you to retrieve lost or forgotten parts of yourself. moonstone is a powerful tool to connect to feminine energies and activate high levels of intuition and communication with higher realms, creating an openness and awareness to the synchronicity and gifts of the universe.

black moonstone

black moonstone has the energy of moonstone and focuses on the space from which new beginnings are born. it is calming, grounding, and very protective. it deflects negative energy and encourages inspiration.


morganite is wholly attuned with the frequency of Divine Cosmic love. it brings one into harmony with this undeniable profound connection. one feels + knows one’s inner power + ability to always act out of love, as well as receive it. morganite is paramount in forgiveness, healing, + cleansing the heart + emotional body. it effortlessly + gently releases fear, old wounds, + the pain that accompanies both. this grants peace, joy + vitality.


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gold sheen obsidian

gold sheen obsidian dissolves negative energies + purifies + protects the auric field. it releases ego conflicts + wounds from abuse. this helps us clear blocks of the solar plexus + reclaim our personal power. connected to the golden ray, gold sheen obsidian attunes us to the great central sun or physical manifestation Source. it helps us bring forward + express hidden talents + aligns our will + actions with Divine will + the desire to manifest for the highest good of all beings.

rainbow obsidian

journey deep inward to the depths of the psyche to heal emotional trauma and wounds, reclaiming forgotten parts of oneself and finding the light and the rainbows through the darkness. as one dives into the depths for this healing, chakras are cleansed and aligned, bringing in light and energy. this assists in healing the deepest blocks, keeping them from residing in the physical body. depression can be alleviated as the soul connects closer to conscious awareness and the whole Self. a feeling of love and of home can be restored, bringing a willingness and enthusiasm to engage in life.


black onyx

black onyx helps attract loving relationships, enhances intuition and wise decision making, and helps heal emotional wounds. a stone of self mastery, it boosts inner strength, physical strength and stamina. it grounds spiritual energy and a sense of one’s own power and endurance to master one’s own destiny. black onyx helps connect to the body, the earth, and one's family, while integrating and aligning with one's total being to connect to a higher power and the gifts of the universe.

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opal is a calming, gentle stone of love, light, and intuition. it is an emotional amplifier, stimulating the emotional body. this nourishes the aura with light and also illuminates the dark spots of one’s energy in order to cleanse and release what is no longer in one’s highest alignment. once released, one is able to manifest the divine and nourish oneself with joy and full spectrum energy! opal is a beautiful assistant to healing and magnifying one’s divine light for positive and loving energy.

blue opal

blue opal helps one witness the mind, helping calm and center, making it wonderful for contemplation and meditation. it helps one in spiritual understanding without ego resistance, helping release resistance to one’s spiritual path. blue opal can also help one find the right words or sounds to communicate one’s truth with grace.

orange calcite

orange calcite is wonderful for the sacral and solar plexus chakras, helping restore creativity, sexuality, and the will to move forward in creativity and joyful living. its solar energy is an encouragement of light, easing depression and lethargy. it brings joy into the body and the desire to transfer inspirational energy from within into the outside world and life experience. orange calcite is a beautiful stone to enhance one's creativity and sexuality. it's wonderful for artists as it ignites one's inner fire for this enjoyment and expression.

peach scolecite

see scolecite


peridot is a wonderful soft lime green stone of protection, prosperity, and positive power, that enhances self worth and well being, allowing you to receive the birthright of universal love and abundance on all levels. a stone of love and will, it brings physical reality in alignment with inner truth, encouraging generosity toward others while following personal, heart felt destinies. peridot releases regret, resentment, spiritual fears, and anything blocking forgiveness, self worth, and ability to receive blessings and success. it cleanses and purifies the subtle and physical bodies, releasing burdens and heaviness of the heart. this stone is fantastic for connecting and communicating with nature and the plant and animal kingdoms. peridot blesses and energizes your work and assists in courage, forward motion, and receiving, with grace and gratitude!

pink tourmaline

see tourmaline


prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and a facilitator of the union of heart and will. when the two are linked, one's personal power is resurrected. desires and actions are of love and in alignment with the highest and best good, in service of the heart. prehnite is a protective stone and surrounds and attunes the aura with divine energy, enhancing one's inner knowing. trust in the universe is resurrected, and harmony with nature and the earth is restored. intuition is enhanced, bringing joy to the heart and peace to the mind. prehnite helps one stay in the present moment and reinforces heart-centered connection to all of creation, strengthening the flow of vital energy.


the master healer

black tourmalated, tourmalined, or tourmalinated quartz

this fascinating and powerful combination stone is clear quartz with black tourmaline running through it. the cleansing, purifying, and grounding energies of the black tourmaline are amplified by the powerful clear quartz! this powerful ally clears negative energy, dissolves patterns, releases tensions, repairs the auric field, transmutes negative thoughts and energies into positive usable ones, creates balance, and heals and integrates shadow aspects. it enhances awareness and allows one to receive the full spectrum of light, vibrations, and frequencies necessary for optimal balance and health, physically and energetically. tourmalated quartz creates a protective energetic field around the body that protects and also helps remove heaviness and blocks. it assists in purifying and stimulating energies on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and restoring proper flow, facilitating clear thinking, and promoting general well-being.

clear quartz

quartz is a master healer. it is a stone of light and expansion and can amplify one’s intentions in order to achieve inner and outer goals. it is a powerful stone and connects with its user, and is to always be used for the highest and best good. one can use visualization and affirmation to program positive dreams and energies into the stone. clear quartz invites high vibrational frequencies to the physical and one can see synchronicities increase as highest and best intentions manifest. with its ability to magnify and amplify energy, quartz is wonderful for any type of healing and prayer work, and can also be used to amplify the power of other stones. clear quartz can release blocks, stimulating and opening chakras and energetic pathways. it cleanses the body and soul attuning to spiritual purpose and taking them to the most perfect state. clear quartz is a wonderful ally of amplification and clarity, and due to its strong connection to higher realms, it enhances clear communication and intuitive vision, overcoming confusion, bringing balance, and attracting and sending love.

golden healer quartz

golden healer quartz resonates powerfully with the heart. it is a stone of the Golden Ray, and supports the body in self-healing and infusion of spiritual light. it emanates profound powerful currents for healing of the body and expansion of consciousness, as well as strong waves of pleasurable energy that permeate the entire body. golden healer assists with connection to Christ Consciousness enabling humans to become living vehicles of Christ Light.

hematoid quartz

hematoid quartz (also called ferruginous quartz, or harlequin quartz) is quartz with inclusions of hematite. (the quartz can also be found with a coating of hematite). consequently, this crystal carries the properties of quartz and hematite, grounding, balancing, stabilizing, amplifying, healing, and transmuting. it helps balance the body, mind, and spirit, and harmonizes the energies of the aura, light body, and subtle body.hematoid quartz assists with focus + calms panic + anxiety. it can help balance emotion + thought + bring clarity + understanding so one is able to accept and integrate the shadow Self. when one feels scattered or fragmented, emotionally or mentally, hematoid quartz can help to pick up and put back together the pieces, bringing wholeness and a new perspective. it help with focus and calms panic and anxiety. hematoid quartz is a wonderful ally for manifestation as the quartz amplifies hematites ability to ground your dreams from the higher realms to your earth experience.

rose quartz

the principal stone of unconditional love, rose quartz moves one into union with the all, activating the heart chakra for the emanation of love. in addition, it clears the emotional body and brings other chakras into harmony and unity with the heart, the strongest generator of light energy in the body. resolving old emotional patterns, the gifts of this healing stone’s energy include the dissolution of anger, resentment, fear, suspicion, and worry, and the release of tension, anxiety, and stress. rose quartz is gentle, stabilizing, and strengthening for the heart, healing emotional wounds, reawakening trust and harmony, promoting love, forgiveness, self-love, self-trust, self-worth, self-forgiveness, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace. rose quartz assists in reprogramming one for joy and longevity! this rose colored gem is one of the most valuable spiritual allies, as it opens the heart to give, receive, and share love, and bathes the body in a healing, enlightening frequency. it supports connection and bonds with one’s romantic lover, family, friends, community, the earth, universe, and divine. loving rose quartz always surrounds you with universal, unconditional love!

rose aura quartz

rose aura quartz is a stone of lovingkindness, unconditional Self love, and multidimensional healing. this sweet stone is soothing, uplifting, and loving, allowing self-forgiveness and the ability to direct unconditional love inward. this opens your heart to receive Universal Love. rose aura quartz is enthusiastic, warm, gentle, and passionate, helping you use this newly expanded self-love and higher self-perspective to live in alignment with your soul's purpose. the iridescence of rose aura quartz is formed when surfaces of clear quartz are bonded with platinum, sometimes with additional gold or silver.

rutilated quartz

rutilated quartz is infused with rutile crystals that act as antennae to divine frequency. it can be programmed with one’s highest intentions and amplify and ground this energy. the golden threads connect one to the grace and flow of the universe, enhancing trust, intuition, serenity, and joy. it can also heal etheric wounds. rutilated quartz is a beautiful field of divine electricity buzzing through rutile wires, sparking inspiration to bring divine creativity to life!

smoky quartz

oh how our mother earth takes care of us, neutralizing negative energies! a stone of the root chakra, smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones, capable of absorbing and transmuting copious amounts of negative energy by grounding it into mother earth, where she neutralizes it. and not only is smoky quartz one of the best stones for cleansing and clearing the aura and subtle bodies, it is also wonderful for countering any negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields. smoky quartz dissolves fear, depression, anxiety, and stress, and is detoxifying on all levels. no wonder it is so uplifting! this beneficial stone also enhances skills such as organization, focus, and practicality for everyday functions and important work. a wonderful manifestation tool, it draws high vibrational, ethereal information and inspiration into physical reality. smoky quartz is a fantastic stone to promote positive thoughts and actions, helping you feel more connected and capable of manifesting your highest and best good!

tangerine quartz

tangerine quartz helps ignite playfulness, curiosity, and joy. it aids in release of self-criticism and self sabotage, restoring empowerment, vitality, inspiration, and motivation. a stone of the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz stimulates creativity and sexual energies from deep within the self, restoring passion on all levels. this allows playful, passionate exploration of creative and sexual expression, ideas, and feelings. it helps one manifest from the spiritual into the physical, allowing abundance and forward motion.


rhodochrosite is a stone of love and wholeness, comforting to the heart and soul. it aligns to the frequency of love, releasing anxiety and stress. vibrating to inner peace with a soothing, loving energy, it is devoted to self love, compassion, self-forgiveness, self-healing, and recovering from trauma, abuse, or wounds in order to heal the inner child and blossom into the self one was born to be. this includes the gifts, loves, characteristics, talents, and abilities that may have been hidden, lost, or left behind due to emotional trauma. this helps one connect to the frequency of the courageous heart and take action on one’s heart-knowledge without fear, expressing love and affection. rhodochrosite helps one reconnect to the playfulness, joy, grace, and magical happiness of a child that feels safe and loved, stimulating creativity and the courage and will to play, pursue dreams, and create one’s reality. rhodochrosite can repair holes or disarray in the auric field, particularly the emotional body, as it helps one to confront irrational fears, painful, repressed feelings, and to identify patterns with a loving awareness. this allows emotional release without shutting down, without fear of expressing one’s emotions. it helps in relationships and assists in a dynamic, positive attitude of confidence and will. rhodochrosite also assists in enlivening and spontaneous expression of feeling, enhanced dream states and creativity, and lifting depression and bringing in lightness so one can link to the higher mind and integrate new information.


rhodonite nurtures and promotes the energy of love and collaborative community while encouraging trust, certainty, and self worth. rhodonite supports energy flow, vitality, and physical activity. it is also an emotional balancer and helps one stay calm in difficult times. rhodonite can assist in emotional healing, release blocked energy, and help in understanding inner experiences in meditation and dream work. it is a beautiful stone of love that assists in relationships, as it awakens acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love towards others, bringing peace and deeper love. it encourages generosity and compassion in community and humanity. rhodonite is a stone of highest soul expression as it helps discover and recover one’s inner talents and highest aspirations, and encourages to use these gifts in one’s life to benefit the highest good of all. it encourages expansion of one’s skills, attracts people and situations best suited for one’s talents so one can bring their gifts to others, and gives the power and ability to recognize where and how one can use their own energy and talents in the highest and best good. rhodonite brings more love into the world as it assists life purpose fulfillment through expression of one’s gifts and talents, and the fulfillment of loving and being loved.

rose quartz

see quartz


scolecite is a stone of inner peace that gently cleanses the energy centers, allowing for light to shine in with softness + ease. the serenity + tranquility that it brings can help uplift one to the higher planes of awareness where one can hear subtle messages from the deeper self + higher sources. this can also allow lucid dreaming + interdimentional travel while offering protection during such experiences. scolecite brings kindness, gentleness, receptivity, + expansion. it awakens the heart + brings peace to the mind, allowing one to journey into the realms of spirit.

peach scolecite

peach scolecite is peach stilbite in scolecite + carries the properties of both. it brings a gentle loving vibration, a quiet joy, + inner peace. it allows the expansion of the sense of Self + for it to be gradual + gentle. peach scolecite provides a calm presence helping one maintain trust + emotional vulnerability in difficult situations. it shields the mind from outside influence so one can be clear + confident in creativity + manifestation.


selenite is one of the most powerful stones for the new earth vibration as it quickly clears, opens, and activates the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras, opening one to the higher planes of inner experience and communication with angelic realms and higher levels of self. it links to the light body, helping to anchor it in the earth vibration, allowing union with the higher self and awakening of interior senses. telepathy can also be enhanced between those holding pure vibration selenite. a beautiful healing tool, selenite is excellent for cleansing the auric field and removing/dissolving any negativity and energy blockages, and debris from one’s physical body, etheric body, and energy field. selenite wands are wonderful for purification and all types of energetic cleansing and can be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing and having a freer flow of energy through the higher and etheric chakras that facilitate connection and communion with the higher self and beyond. placing a selenite wand upon one’s back, along the length of the spine, one can achieve an energetic alignment of the vertebrae and chakras. selenite creates a peaceful atmosphere and is excellent for energy grids in the home or outdoors, able to be used to create a protective grid around a house or in the inside corners. in addition to cleansing energy from stones, one can use selenite to amplify or blend many stones energy together. wonderful for and meditation, calming selenite brings clarity and instills deep peace. selenite stimulates the emotional body and compels one to move forward with one’s life and overcome stagnation.


seraphinite is connected to angelic and devic realms, bringing an enlightened, joyful energy. it brings enhanced harmonizing energies to the chakras and the physical, mental, emotional, and etherial bodies. it's a premier healing stone assisting in cellular regeneration and bringing light energy into the body, allowing healthy connection to the physical self. seraphinite is a beautiful tool for opening connection to the earth for the restoration of her and her inhabitants health and wel-lbeing. it is a stone of birth, development, creation, and of the power of nature's constant renewal. seraphinite helps keep one on track in one's pursuits, enhances social skills and constructive compromise, and inspires better relationships.


shungite operates vibrationally on a molecular level. due to its ability to clear the body of negative + dysfunctional emotional patterns + energies, it cleanses, balances, + aligns the entire physical + energetic body. this allows one to receive spiritual light + prepare the geometrical center of the human body (or root chakra) for Light Body (Merkaba) activation.

the ultimate healing mineral + molecule, shungite is often referred to as “the miracle stone” or “stone of life”. it is said to be around 2-billion years old + is only found in the Russian part of Karelia. shungite contains high amounts of carbon + is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, specific molecular formations of carbon that act as a powerful, long-lasting antioxidant. the discovery of fullerenes earned Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto + Richard E Smalley the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.

research has also shown shungite to be effective in shielding + protecting from all harmful electro-magnetic frequency energies (EMF’s), absorbing + neutralizing any harmful radiation emitted by electronic + tech devices (cell phones, computers, etc.), Wi-Fi hotspots, household appliances, etc. it is said that it accumulates the live beneficial power instead.

click on the link below to read the scientific paper on shungite's water purifying + emf protecting properties from The Journal of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics.

Carbonaceous Fullerene Containing Mineral Shungite. Research of Influence of Shungite on Mountain Water.


description coming soon

smoky quartz

see quartz


tanzanite aligns and integrates the mind and heart (linking the heart and third eye chakras), keeping one centered in the heart and in enlightened compassion, as the two constantly reflect to one another the vibrations of joy and pleasure. it helps one raise their vibration and connect to higher sources in order to broaden perspective, connect to the heart’s truth, and communicate this truth with eloquence. tanzanite generates an energy of happiness as it aligns the heart and mind. this helps release worry, gain emotional insight, balance one’s mental and emotional bodies, and live heart-centered in love and compassion for self and others.

tiger's eye

tiger's eye is a protective stone of earth and sun energy, a stone of balance and bliss. it invigorates connection to unconditional love and compassion. tiger's eye awakens wholeness, assists with harmony in relationships, and allows choices based on discernment and in accordance with one’s higher guidance. this assists in knowing the needs of self and others, helping to find common ground and harmony in views. tiger's eye allows one to embrace the paradox and unity in opposites and polarity, as it carries a vibration that is high yet grounded. it energizes the physical and emotional bodies and enhances mental clarity, offering positive transformational energy. it assists in recognizing talents and abilities, inspiring one to live with intention and creativity. with its sun and earth energy, tiger's eye carries the frequency of creation for enhanced vitality, physical action, practicality, intellect, focus, strength of will, confidence, clarity, balance, fairness, enthusiasm, and calm, centered, effective action. it helps one integrate and live as spirit in a physical vehicle expressing through life in the world.

tiger iron

tiger iron combines tiger’s eye, hematite, + red jasper. it’s dynamic grounding energy helps those that are energetically sensitive to remain comfortably in the body without resorting to addictive patterns. it one of the most effective grounding stones for strength, stamina, + vitality to maintain one’s physical health. it supports practicality, focused will, mental clarity, courage, + personal power, helping one take effective actions while remaining calm, + centered. tiger iron’s connection to the heart of the earth makes it a powerful stone for manifesting one’s intentions from the energetic planes to the physical in order to create one’s reality.

titanium aura

titanium aura carries the energies of both quartz + titanium. with quartz being the master healer, the rainbow colors of titanium aura will promote healing on all levels. this is a high energy stone of personal power that stimulates positive energy flow! titanium aura brings joy, light, + creative enthusiasm to manifest your dreams + amplify your vision + highest intentions.


topaz is an energy amplifier and excellent stone for affirmation, visualization, and manifestation. it helps hold the space of gratitude and trust in the universe and inner knowing, thus dissolving doubt and uncertainty. topaz carries a vibrant energy of love, good fortune, joy, generosity, abundance, and good health, making you highly receptive to love from everywhere! it helps heal and promote truth and forgiveness and encourages openness, honesty, and a desire to spread sunshine and beauty.

blue topaz

blue topaz promotes sharing and communication of knowledge and perception. it connects you to your higher self and aligns you with your inner truth assisting in communication and expressing oneself with meaning, clarity, conviction, and irresistible eloquence.


tourmaline is a powerful energizing stone that comes in a variety of colors. heating, cooling, or rubbing a tourmaline crystal can actually cause it to be electrically charged, with one end negative and the other positive! tourmaline is widely healing, releasing fear blocks and tension. it balances right and left hemispheres of the brain, and male and female energy within the body. tourmaline brings compassion, inspiration, and abundance, and strengthens self-confidence.

black tourmaline

black tourmaline is a striking and powerful stone of purification and protection. a grounding conduit for light and a wonderful etheric cleanser, it keeps one’s energy clear and balanced. perfect for those with high levels of intuitive and empathic qualities, it is a fantastic spiritual protector, keeping one protected from outside destructive and interfering energies like negativity and disharmony, even turning it into usable energy! wow! it demolishes negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, stress, worry, obsessive behavior, and feelings of unworthiness, and helps purify and cleanse the body of toxins, waste, heavy metals, and environmental pollutants. black tourmaline can also elevate one’s consciousness, as it is a tool for high levels of purification for one’s etheric field and auric body.

pink tourmaline

pink tourmaline is a heart-chakra stone associated with love, kindness, nurturing, and feminine energies. it helps heal and purify the emotional body from past traumas, while infusing it with love. this helps one release stress, worries, depression, and anxiety all while restoring feelings of joy, happiness, and relaxation. pink tourmaline brings feelings of wholeness, allowing one to share gentleness, kindness, love, and healing energies. this protects one from other’s projected negative energies, influencing others toward kindness.

tourmalated, tourmalined, or tourmalinated quartz

see quartz


turquoise, named for its color, is a beautiful, healing stone of wholeness, often considered a bridge between heaven and earth, as it enhances communication between the physical and spiritual. turquoise lifts your spirit and brings awareness to the heart center, dissipating self sabotage, enhancing self forgiveness, acceptance, and love, releasing regret, and allowing all aspects of one’s self to be loved and integrated into wholeness. it helps you see that self love is the same as kindness and love toward others, releasing inhibition, and encouraging self expression and communication from the wholeness of your being. it is a powerful, regenerating healer for the entire body, as it increases prana, oxygenating the blood. turquoise opens the mind to connect to spirit, enhancing intuition, honoring yourself as a divine being, and bringing into awareness the infinite possibilities of the universe!

unakite jasper

see jasper

crystal formations


generator crystals consist of six equal sides meeting perfectly at the apex. these powerful crystals are used to project, direct, and regenerate energy. they are wonderful for the center of crystal grids as they take the energy and intention from the grid and direct it to the higher realms for healing and creation. they also connect to earth’s electromagnetic field so creation can be manifested on the earth plane. with this connection, one can also use generators to direct prayer, love, and healing to the planet and her inhabitants. and in the beauty of giving and receiving, the earth emanates her loving mother energy that can heal, transmute, and recharge, so these crystals can also be utilized like a battery to recharge your energy.

deities, gods, and goddesses


buddha is the awakened, enlightened one who remains in oneness with every living thing. buddha has attained the highest wisdom, capability, and compassion. be at oneness. be at peace. be love.


eros (sometimes called cupid) is the god of love + attraction + the companion of love goddess, aphrodite. in greek mythology, eros is responsible for lighting the flame of love + shooting it in the hearts of goddesses, gods, + mortals. ancient artists + poets sometimes interpreted him multiplied as erotes (winged love gods) or cupids (winged babies). eros reminds us to ignite the flame of love!


ganesha is the god of success, knowledge, education, wealth, and the remover of evils and obstacles on the eternal spiritual path. he brings wisdom, effortlessness, generosity, protection, and humility. ganesha is a loyal generous companion for your journey, offering peace, protection, fearlessness, and limitless abundance, allowing the path to your highest and best good…your greatest success.


hanuman awakens gifts of power, wisdom, pure devotion, complete surrender, and absence of ego. invoke hanuman to help you realign any lost fragments with your inner soul.


nataraj (dancing shiva) is the lord of the dance, symbolizing the rhythm + harmony of life. nataraj is dancing the rhythmic dance of movement + creation, the dance of bliss. this dance of constant creation + destruction, birth + death, is also the conquest over death in the knowing that it is, in truth, a rebirth.

nataraj symbolism:

the fire surrounding dancing shiva is the primal energy flowing from within, to the universe, + back again. this dance is the dance of the universe, as the flames around shiva represent + signify creation, destruction, preservation, illusion, + salvation.

the upper right hand is holding a drum, symbolizing the sound of creation, the passage of time, + the vital principle of feminine + masculine.

the snake represents divine energy, wisdom, + eternity.

the upper left hand contains fire, symbolizing destruction (the creation/destruction, birth/death cycle) that allows life to constantly expand.

the second right hand is in the abhaya mudra for grace, fearlessness, + protection from evil + ignorance.

the second assertive left hand points to the raised foot which symbolizes upliftment + liberation. it is freedom from fear.

the one shiva dances upon symbolizes victory over ignorance + suffering as well as the acceptance of + liberation beyond these aspects of self into the dancer of creation; the passage of the divine into the physical.

nataraj remains tranquil + balanced in this dance of bliss. the third eye is symbolic of omniscience, insight, + enlightenment.


tara is the most celebrated female figure in buddhism, the principal female embodiment of enlightenment in the tibetan buddhist tradition. like buddha, she is the enlightened one who has attained the highest wisdom, capability and compassion, and remains in oneness with every living thing. the goddess of universal compassion and universal enlightened action, tara is known as, “she who saves.”



brass is a metal of healing, wealth, and protection associated with the sun! the sun is a source of life force energy and symbol of life, energy, power, strength, clarity, the higher self, and source.


said to be the metal of the moon, silver brings reflective and balancing energy. it is believed to be the metal of emotion, love, and healing, and helping keep one in tune with the energetic flow of the universe.



the feather symbolizes peace, uplifting, joy, and light-hearted freedom, reminding you to have a lighter outlook on life.


a lotus emerges from murky, muddy waters, blooming atop the sludge, beautiful and pristine. a symbol of purity, beauty, fertility, prosperity, spiritual awakening, and eternity, it is like the magnificent unfolding of your soul to the pure beauty of divine truth!


the moon is a symbolic masterpiece in the sky, reflecting the sun’s light to us at night and giving energetic pull to our waters. it is a co-creator of the cycles of the earth. the moon represents intuition, the divine feminine, illumination, balance, cycles, reflection, and renewal.


the sun is a source of life force energy and symbol of life, energy, power, strength, clarity, the higher self, and source.



airplanes symbolize freedom, liberation, + happiness. they suggest willingness to move forward in one's journey, leaping into the beautiful unknown on a new adventure of discovery + play.


anchors symbolize being grounded and stable in life, and living in one’s truth. they are a symbol of strength, stability, and safety, due to their ability to hold down large ships and their representation of anchoring in a safe place upon completing a journey. anchors also represent a fondness for the open water, and for travelers, having a safe, secure place to come home.


a symbol of protection and good luck, bells are often used to change the frequencies in the air, allowing clearing and cleansing. sometime even thought to carry messages through the air, the bells allow clarity. they have also been know to bring about a closeness to spirit, lift one’s spirits, and celebrate joy, liberation, and happiness. bring on the bells! let them ring, let them sing! we need more cowbell!


the hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection from negative energies or “evil forces”. it is a symbol of the divine hand of god in everything, bringing goodness, healing, miracles, abundance, good luck, fertility, and good health.


the most common chant, the om is the sacred sound of creation and the essence of the universe. everything was birthed from and continues to be held together by the sound of the om. it is the root of all existence and a truly universal symbol of creation and connection to all.

“om mani padme hum" mantra

the “om mani padme hum" mantra is the traditional buddhist prayer for protection + enlightenment. let the sacred syllables grace you with their peaceful, protecting energy.


a mandala is a circle that offers balance with its patterns and reminds us of our relation to infinity. it represents wholeness and symbolizes unity and harmony.

sailboats and ships

sailboats and ships are a symbol of evolution and navigating the beautiful, adventurous waters of life. they remind us to traverse our emotions and dreams intuitively and with fluidity. may we navigate the flow of life connected to our inner knowing and with the wind in our sails...feeling the breeze + loving life.


the spiral is symbolic in many ways. it is seen everywhere in nature; the eternal forces of nature + the universe...the ultimate creation! one can look at it as a symbol of both centering + expanding, + creating one's outer world from within.

sacred geometry and shapes

diamond shape

the diamond contains many triangles, which is why it is so symbolic. the triangle has three points, representing true wisdom. the triangles within the diamond are both upside down and upright, which brings in the feminine and masculine, the lunar and solar. diamonds also symbolize love, clarity, commitment, and abundance.

flower of life

sacred geometry analyzes and works with geometric figures to attune to mystical laws of creation. it observes and connects shape, form, and frequency. the flower of life is a figure of sacred geometry composed of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles creating a flower-like pattern. it is inclusive of many other sacred geometry patterns such as the vesica pisces, the seed of life, the egg of life, the tree of the life, metatron’s cube, and the platonic solids (building blocks of all matter). the flower of life forms “the fruit of life”, the blueprint of the universe. the informational structure for light, sound, music, any living structure, and all forms of life and creation, (from our bodies, to the trees, to the galaxies), can all be found within the flower of life. it is a beautiful expression of the connection of life that runs through all beings.

golden spiral

the golden spiral is a formation from the fibonacci sequence of numbers where each number is equal to the prior two, the ratio between them forming the golden mean (1.618...). and the sequence goes on forever! it is seen in everywhere in nature: in shell patterns like the ammonite, flower seed patterns, leaf patterns, cactus plants, facial structure, + galaxies. this beautiful spiral pattern is often found in art, architecture, + music.


the infinity is a symbol of something without any limits. it represents eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love.


the octahedron platonic solid is associated with the heart chakra and air element. it moves you into your higher vibrations and connects you with your heart center, returning to the true self and nurturing it with love, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion, and expanding this inner love outward. octahedrons have 8 triangular sides.


a sphere symbolizes wholeness; unity; infinity. this can be associated with the wholeness or completeness of the universe and all within it, or a person’s “wholeness”. a complete self operates consciously with integrity, clarity, and unity; in their true power. having no corners, a sphere is infinite; without beginning or end. this allows energy to emanate in all directions. being the shape of the earth, spheres hold a strong connection to nature.

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