amethyst goddess grace necklace


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amplify grace, healing, strength, and protection with this amethyst goddess grace necklace. created to inspire and awaken the goddess inside every woman, this beautiful crystal necklace is strung on a sterling silver filled chain and features a sterling silver hand wrapped purple stone.

be powerful yet gentle. embrace confidence and ease. know peace inside and out. awaken the goddess within.

  • violet amethyst stone approximately 7x9mm
  • 18” sterling silver filled chain
  • mounted on a beautifully designed FSC certified card with an inspirational quote
  • comes with envelope so you have your card and gift in one!

due to its high frequency, amethyst is a healing violet stone of spiritual protection and purification, transmuting negative energy into positive, cleansing the aura, balancing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and helping them connect to the spiritual. amethyst stimulates the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras, making it a powerful assistant to silencing thought and opening to higher spiritual connection and intuition. this makes it a wonderful tool for intuitive work as one can be open to enhanced intuition, higher states of consciousness and awareness, and insights from one’s higher self, while staying protected, clear, and centered. this assists in focus and decision making, and enhances creativity, passion, and deeper connection in relationships. as it increases spiritual awareness, amethyst assists in stability, strength, inspiration, and a true sense of peace, making it an excellent stone for healing, meditation, balance, and clarity. amethyst is also said to assist in overcoming addiction, as it helps identify the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that brought the imbalance into existence. it then offers calming, transmuting energy of a higher vibration to cleanse it. connect to spirit! know your divinity!

crystals are to be used for love, however, not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.