brass tiny ganesha statue


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what a perfect travel size brass tiny ganesha statue! this ganesha statue makes a great gift for anyone experiencing movement such as travel, new beginnings, or even for each new day. a generous companion for your journey and you can carry this little one with you anywhere!

  • ganesha deity statue; approximately 1.25″ x 1.5″
  • without base
  • recycled brass

ganesha is the god of success, knowledge, education, wealth, and the remover of evils and obstacles on the eternal spiritual path. he brings wisdom, effortlessness, generosity, protection, and humility. this ganesha statue holds his front right hand in the abhaya mudra of peace, protection, and fearlessness while his front left is bearing gifts, symbolizing limitless abundance! a loyal, generous companion for your journey, ganesha is the effortless remover of obstacles, offering protection and all of the gifts the universe loves to offer!

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