carnelian intention necklace


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live with joy and vitality. amplify motivation and endurance with this beautiful carnelian intention necklace. these crystal intention necklaces were created to help you set and achieve your highest intentions.

  • 5 orange carnelian stones, silver plated hardware, 17″ nylon cord
  • eco-friendly intention card
  • comes with envelope

all gem stones were chosen for their activating and amplifying qualities, and the color/stone you are drawn to (whether choosing for yourself or as a gift for someone) always seem to carry just the right ones. to amplify your intention, write it on the card and put it somewhere you see often. wear the necklace as a daily reminder of your truth and the intention you set.

each necklace features 5, six millimeter faceted round gem stone beads. energetically the number 5 carries the vibrations of personal freedom and individuality, motivation, making positive life choices and major change, transformation, adaptability, versatility, resourcefulness, and auspicious opportunity.

in its deep fire orange color, warm and joyful carnelian activates the first three chakras. it grounds, stabilizes, stimulates, empowers, and is full of life force, sexual, and creative energies. it restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity and sexual passion. it is a wonderful stone for courage, confidence, inner power, and passion. with its assistance in these aspects, carnelian inspires those who have been generally more passive to break free of fear in order to trust, make decisions, and take action to achieve one’s highest goals and aspirations. carnelian stimulates a love of life, allowing one to move away from destructive situations and release sabotaging and extraneous thoughts in order to move toward happiness, joy, and vitality. with its strong life force energy, carnelian resonates with the physical, assisting in physical pursuits in care of the body temple as well. it helps one break unhealthy habits, purify, sanctify, and increase physical activity, stamina, and endurance. this is an excellent stone for creativity, passion, leadership, courage, protection, and an active zest for life.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.