durga tapestry throw



durga is the divine mother of the universe. this striking durga tapestry throw is adorned with a powerful image of durga and a stunning portrait of a tiger as the not so hidden background, to symbolize her unlimited power, protecting virtue, and ability to destroy evil.
this gorgeous durga throw is wonderful for healing arts such as reiki, yoga, and massage, as a soft comfortable throw, or wall art!

durga tapestry throw
machine cold water washable and tumble dry
100% cotton made in the usa
52″ x 68″ full color tapestry throw blanket
artist and copyright sue halstenberg

durga is dressed in a red sari symbolizing action. she is always destroying evil and actively protecting humankind from suffering and misfortune. her front right hand is in the abhaya mudra of peace, blessings, forgiveness, and freedom from fear. she gives knowledge and wisdom, which is sharp as her sword, to destroy ignorance and free one of illusion and doubt. durga carries a trident to remove physical, mental, and spiritual misery, while the bow and arrow represent her control of potential and kinetic energy. the mace protects from negative energies. durga also holds a half bloomed lotus, symbolizing continuous evolution, a conch singing the sound of creation (om), and a chakra discus representing her command over the world to produce an environment of righteousness without evil, and our duties in this divine law.