earth candy sugar ring pop teardrop earrings


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these earth candy sugar ring pop teardrop earrings are a stunning piece of art made with sterling silver and moonstone, an iridescent stone reminiscent of sweet shimmery sugar crystals.

these reflective beauties enhance your awareness of the gifts of the universe and look good enough to eat! don’t eat them! but do wear them with sweetness…

  • teardrop moonstone crystal (clear/white) beads (approximately 13mm x 9mm) inside hammered sterling silver circle earrings
  • due to handmade design, circle shapes are perfectly imperfect (approximately 2.5cm-3cm diameter)
  • sterling silver french wires

moonstone is the mysterious stone of new beginnings likened to the divine feminine, the cycles of the moon and our continuous evolution to a higher perspective. it helps clear the aura and balance emotion, enhancing emotional intelligence and helping guide you to retrieve lost or forgotten parts of yourself. moonstone is a powerful tool to connect to feminine energies and activate high levels of intuition and communication with higher realms, creating an openness and awareness to the synchronicity and gifts of the universe.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.