eye of truth ring




bold and quite the looker, this labradorite eye of truth ring is a power piece. mystical labradorite is a gorgeous rainbow stone of truth, harmony, and magic with earthy blues and greens.

always live in your highest truth…you just may see that love, peace, and magic live there with you.

  • band and setting, sterling silver
  • labradorite crystal stone 8mm diameter

labradorite awakens one’s intuitive abilities as they are tools to assist us in living our highest purpose in our highest and best good. it is an interdimensional stone of truth, inner knowledge, and higher awareness. labradorite can assist in keeping us in harmony, allowing us to pierce the veils and see the magical synchronicities that help us allow the unfolding of our highest potential and movement toward self mastery.

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.