four corners ring

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rainbow moonstone +iolite in sterling silver

this four corners ring is silver with rainbow moonstone and purple iolite stones and resembles the four corners monument where colorado, utah, arizona, and new mexico meet.

it’s a wonderful symbol of the four aspects of “self” (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and the balancing of such aspects to assist in the feeling of wholeness and peace. and with gorgeous rainbow moonstone and iolite, you will be shimmering with a powerful, peaceful connection to your intuition and creativity!

rainbow moonstone is a fantastic stone for balancing as it offers inner peace and harmony, along with vitality and joy! it is also protecting and purifying; transforming negative energy into positive energy. associated with the moon and the feminine, it enhances intuition and higher guidance while at the same time, helping to center, ground, and heal the emotional body.

iolite is a spectacular blue-violet color stone that links the brain and heart and opens one to visions and awareness from higher vibratory realms. it stimulates creative expression and allows one to access higher information and ideas.

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