freedom flight eagle pendant


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wear this exquisite freedom flight eagle pendant to connect with the aspects of yourself that know your true inner power and use it with grace and integrity, grounding your highest work.

seize the freedom of the moment and take flight!

  • sterling silver eagle pendant
  • approximately 1.375″ x 1″

the eagle is the ultimate symbol of freedom. it is a connection to great vision, precision, and grace. the extraordinary large bird courses the sky, sometimes with perseverance, and sometimes coasting on the heat pockets and airstreams that move it forward. impeccable timing, focus, precision, and follow through are great skills of this bird. they represent expansion and grounding your highest work; knowing your own power and using it with grace and integrity. take flight with the freedom of knowing that all power and knowing comes from within. the vision, wisdom, and creation of the eagle and great creator are within us all. the mysterious beautiful ways of life will move with us when we bring forth ideas into reality for the highest and best good!

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on deities, animal totems, crystals, and other symbols, along with our disclaimer and link to sources, click here!

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