goddess eye moonstone




this gorgeous goddess eye moonstone headpiece by julie of the heron lies perfectly around your crown. choose from sterling silver plated or gold filled chain. your mystical beauty exudes awe, mystery, and fascination. goddess, you shine so bright!

“jewelry is an intention you can put on everyday.” julie of the heron

  • iridescent moonstone crystal stone

inspired by our natural intuitive abilities to hear guidance from spirit, julie of the heron creates conscious jewelry celebrating the beauty of our intuitive connection. these gorgeous pieces are designed to unite you with the healing and reawakening energies to which your spirit calls you.

moonstone is the mysterious stone of new beginnings likened to the divine feminine, the cycles of the moon, and our continuous evolution to a higher perspective. it helps clear the aura and balance emotion, enhancing emotional intelligence and helping guide you to retrieve lost or forgotten parts of yourself. moonstone is a powerful tool to connect to feminine energies and activate high levels of intuition and communication with higher realms, creating an openness and awareness to the synchronicity and gifts of the universe.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.