golden spiral necklace




wear this golden spiral necklace as a wonderful symbol of life and eternity!

the golden spiral is a formation from the fibonacci sequence of numbers where each number is equal to the prior two, the ratio between them forming the golden mean (1.618…). and the sequence goes on forever! it is seen in everywhere in nature: in shell patterns like the ammonite, flower seed patterns, leaf patterns, cactus plants, facial structure, and galaxies. this beautiful spiral pattern is often found in art, architecture, and music.

  • sterling silver spiral (or ammonite) pendant; approximately 5/8″ x 5/8″
  • choose from 16″ or 18″ snake chain or 16″ fancy ball chain (1mm sterling silver)

the spiral is symbolic in many ways. it is seen everywhere in nature; the eternal forces of nature and the universe; the ultimate creation. one can look at it as a symbol of both centering and expanding, and creating your outer world from within.

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on animal totems, crystals, and other symbols, along with a link to sources, click here!