infinite creative being 216 bead mala


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this infinite creative being 216 bead mala is a lovely, highly energetic combination to raise your vibration! it’s colorful and full of energy just like you!

the energies of this gorgeous mala ignite wholeness, passion, joy, and creativity. they strengthen your will and trust, ability to open up to forgiveness and self love, connect to the energy of your highest and best good, and amplify it all with grace and gratitude! malas are wonderful for meditation or prayer, and for charging and wearing your intentions.

  • yellow-orange citrine pendant
  • beads in rudraksha, amber (orange-yellow), amethyst (violet), citrine (yellow-orange), garnet (wine red), peridot (lime green), turquoise, quartz (clear), and 22k gold plated sterling silver

these mala make very special gifts and each piece comes in a lovely organza bag with two inserts; one with information and healing aspects of the rudraksha beads and another with brief healing aspects of the all of the stones.

rudraksha (meaning “the eyes of shiva”) are very precious beads of a divine nature worn and used for puja and meditation for many centuries. they are considered to be very holy and healing. forming naturally from the rudraksha (elaeocarpus) tree, they grow in the wild, and also in sustainable plantations. they are found in the himalayas in india, nepal, malaysia, and southeast asia. it is said that there is an unexplainable positive powerful force manifested in rudraksha. when we wear these beads, we are literally carrying sacks of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen against our bodies, increasing negative ion levels and soaking up the vibration of pure living organisms, similar to the physical and metaphysical effects of being in nature. this releases chemicals in our bodies responsible for emotional response, uplifting the mood and calming the mind and nervous system, all helping relieve stress, depression, and lethargy. they are cooling to the body and are known to neutralize electromagnetic waves and heal many of the mind and body ailments. they strengthen the heart, reduce stress and dissipate fear, and give confidence in the divine order of things. rudraksha help free the mind of negative thought, increase immunity and energy, rejuvenate, restore clarity, memory, awareness, and peace of mind, and add protection.

citrine, the stone of abundance, increases self-confidence and creativity, strengthens intellect and memory, and purifies other stones.

citrine. stimulating and synchronizing the first (root), second (sacral/sexual/creative), third (solar plexus), and sixth (third eye) chakras, citrine greatly assists manifestation, inspires creative imagination and self expression, enhances self esteem and powers of personal will, and stimulates an effective clear thinking process. citrine opens the imagination to realms beyond existence and into limitless possibility. it removes self doubt and concern or sensitivity of outside criticism, enhancing self trust, self respect, and self worth. citrine purifies your channels to manifestation and will, boosting your ability to heighten and bring imagination to creation and fruition. it attracts joy, love, prosperity, and abundance in all things good, is a fantastic stone for success in many fields of business, and is ideal for all types of artists. citrine is an excellent stone for exercise and physical activity, as it even increases physical stamina! citrine creates a protective light around the aura, wonderful for anyone who is sensitive to outside energy influences. it even purifies other stones. a lovely ally to have with you any day, citrine is an amazing stone of joy, luck, manifestation, imagination, creativity, personal will, and protection!

amber protects, connects, strengthens bonds, promotes creativity, pacifies the mind, and lifts ones heaviness of burdens.

amber. sunny, bright, and soothing, amber protects, connects, promotes creativity, and pacifies the mind. it purifies as it absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy. amber promotes connection and has the familiarity of an old friend, as the resin came from ancient living trees and carries the vibration of organic life. it assists in finding purpose and strength to move towards evolution to higher consciousness. amber also supports the vibration of choice in choosing and being chosen and has been used in the renewal of marriage vows.

garnet calms anger, increases willpower, and is a sexual stimulant that promotes vigor and vitality.

garnet is a beautiful deep red stone that energizes and regenerates the body, chakras, and dna, stimulates kundalini energy, and manifests that of the creative imagination into form. it is a powerful stone to enhance creative energy, also helping remove inhibitions and build self confidence. protecting from negative energies, it also dissolves old behavior patterns that are no longer in alignment with your highest truth. garnet is also a potent stone of commitment, attraction, loyalty, affection, romantic love, and passion, enhancing intimacy, sensuality and sexual energies!

peridot is a happy stone that adds light and brightness to life and assists in relationships.

peridot is a wonderful soft lime green stone of protection, prosperity, and positive power, that enhances self worth and well being, allowing you to receive the birthright of universal love and abundance on all levels. a stone of love and will, it brings physical reality in alignment with inner truth, encouraging generosity toward others while following personal, heart felt destinies. peridot releases regret, resentment, spiritual fears, and anything blocking forgiveness, self worth, and ability to receive blessings and success. it cleanses and purifies the subtle and physical bodies, releasing burdens and heaviness of the heart. this stone is fantastic for connecting and communicating with nature and the plant and animal kingdoms. peridot blesses and energizes your work and assists in courage, forward motion, and receiving, with grace and gratitude!

turquoise is a healing stone of wholeness that connects to spirit, one’s divine self, and the infinite possibilities of the universe.

turquoise, named for its color, is a beautiful, healing stone of wholeness, often considered a bridge between heaven and earth, as it enhances communication between the physical and spiritual. turquoise lifts your spirit and brings awareness to the heart center, dissipating self sabotage, enhancing self forgiveness, acceptance, and love, releasing regret, and allowing all aspects of one’s self to be loved and integrated into wholeness. it helps you see that self love is the same as kindness and love toward others, releasing inhibition, and encouraging self expression and communication from the wholeness of your being. it is a powerful, regenerating healer for the entire body, as it increases prana, oxygenating the blood. turquoise opens the mind to connect to spirit, enhancing intuition, honoring yourself as a divine being, and bringing into awareness the infinite possibilities of the universe!

naturally harmonizing quartz crystal amplifies the power of all of the stones while transmitting energy and prayers, raising consciousness, wisdom, insight, and clarity of thought.

quartz is a master healer. it is a stone of light and expansion and can amplify one’s intentions in order to achieve inner and outer goals. it is a powerful stone and connects with its user, and is to always be used for the highest and best good. one can use visualization and affirmation to program positive dreams and energies into the stone. clear quartz invites high vibrational frequencies to the physical and one can see synchronicities increase as highest and best intentions manifest. with its ability to magnify and amplify energy, quartz is wonderful for any type of healing and prayer work, and can also be used to amplify the power of other stones. clear quartz can release blocks, stimulating and opening chakras and energetic pathways. it cleanses the body and soul attuning to spiritual purpose and taking them to the most perfect state. clear quartz is a wonderful ally of amplification and clarity, and due to its strong connection to higher realms, it enhances clear communication and intuitive vision, overcoming confusion, bringing balance, and attracting and sending love.

rudraksha stems from hindu mythology and means “the eyes of shiva”. it is said that the god meditated on the welfare of mankind and emerged crying tears of compassion. as the tears hit the earth, they crystallized to form these trees.

rudraksha are considered sacred and should be treated with respect and care. they will naturally become darker with time. this is the desired effect, since the natural (body) oils penetrate into the beads and make them stronger. wear the beads close to the skin.

when not in use, store your mala in a special, clean, and preferably sacred space. keep the mala off the ground and incense or energetically cleanse the mala, especially when not used for a longer time. preferably, don´t wear the mala while sleeping or in the shower.

these beads are truly sacred. treat them with reverence. may they truly bless you and humankind.

crystals and beads are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to sources..