intricate elephant earrings


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these intricate elephant earrings are an adorable way to honor the elephant, a magnificent being of power and compassion. exude love and kindness with this playful and artistic design, perfect for everyday wear!

  • approximately .25″ x .5″
  • sterling silver

elephants are beings of power and compassion. they are seen as magnificent, regal creatures, known for their emotional intelligence and loyalty. dominant yet charitable, those with this totem often feel a responsibility within community to bring justice, service, and care for those who need assistance. elephants symbolize balance, peace, strength, prudence, sovereignty, affection, discernment, compassion, love, kindness, long-life, fertility, success, sacred wisdom, and sacred marriage. elephant says to enjoy silence to help balance body, mind, and spirit, and explore higher consciousness. elephants remind us that obstacles and barriers are gently moved and loving days of creativity and abundance are yours when you live from your heart and soul with love and compassion.

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