large wood canoe incense holder


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this hand carved large wood canoe incense holder is made from mango wood, a sustainable and eco-friendly material. light your favorite incense and float to a serene place of peace.

  • large wood canoe incense holder; approximately 14.25 “ x 1 ⅞” x 1”

mango farming is a great business in india. mango trees grow quickly but stop producing fruit after 8-10 years, when they must be cut and replanted. rather than discarding the wood and letting it rot (which releases CO2 into the air), farmers can sell the wood to make items such as beautiful boxes and incense holders. this gives their local community extra revenue and reduces harvesting of other wild woods.
love the earth and your fellow inhabitants by celebrating art, artisanship, and sustainability!

aside from its aromatic benefits, incense is used for many spiritual purifying and energetic purposes. please use caution and always burn under supervision.