moldavite oil


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with a wonderful soft scent, this powerful moldavite oil is a special blend of all natural ingredients specially created to compliment moldavite energies. the oil contains the essence of moldavite, perfect for those ready to move forward with spiritual vitality! try wearing it while meditating or when activating an advanced dream state.

moldavite oil can also be used to care for your moldavite by rubbing 1 to 2 drops of oil on the surface with a soft brush. for best results, let the oil sit in direct sun for 30 minutes. shake well.

  • .25 oz moldavite oil with small moldavite stone inside to infuse with moldavite essence

moldavite is a special stone of the highest and purest vibration believed to be assisting with the awakening of humanity, and is even associated with the holy grail (an “emerald that fell from the sky”). it is a transformational and activating stone, known to promote spiritual evolution, physical cleansing, spiritual breakthroughs, and manifest positive life change. it can also activate the dream state. this stone stimulates kundalini and deeply opens, cleanses and activates all chakras, especially the heart and above. it is also said to bring harmony to marital relationships. moldavite is a combination of meteoric material and earth rock, associated with a meteoric collision. it resonates with the connection of earth and cosmos and our connection to both (and all realms in between). it is a stone for accelerating one on the path of their highest destiny and evolution, vibrating to the tune of pure, perfect wholeness. love your journey!

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ingredients: dipropylene glycol, essential oils, resins, fragrance oils, color, + moldavite piece.
this product not intended for internal consumption.