mystic topaz rainbow oval earrings


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for the mystical spirit living within us. bask in the color and the light of these ethereal mystic topaz rainbow oval earrings. reflect the magic. be the unicorn.

  • sterling silver
  • mystic topaz
  • approximately 14mm x 11mm

many say that when a crystal mineral like topaz is treated, it has lost its energetic properties. however, everything has an energy, and while it may or may not be altered due to its treatment, we are going to include the energetic properties of topaz. because what if the treatment of these crystals that gives them this mystical sheen and dynamic color adds to the energetic properties of the stone, giving us a connection to the color and the light that it becomes? what if this mystic, shimmery, holographic piece of majestic art that we can look into and wear allows us to bask in the effervescent colors and energies of another world brought into this one? what if?

topaz, like clear quartz, is a lovely energy amplifier, therefore it is important to always be responsible for your energy, aligning it with divine will and holding the highest intentions for your highest and best good. the magical thing about this stone is that it opens the inner senses to the flow of spiritual energy in your creations, therefore, can speed up the vibrational energy of your intention. this makes it an excellent stone for affirmation, visualization, and manifestation! topaz helps hold that space of gratitude and trust in the universe and inner knowing, dissolving doubt and uncertainty. it helps heal and promote truth and forgiveness and see the truth in others. topaz encourages openness, honesty, and a desire to spread sunshine and beauty, as it carries a vibrant energy of love, good fortune, joy, generosity, abundance, and good health, making you highly receptive to love from everywhere!

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.