nataraj pendant


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wear this blissful nataraj pendant as a representation and reminder of the source of all movement in the cosmos, a beautiful unification of art, science, and faith.

nataraj (dancing shiva) is the lord of the dance, symbolizing the rhythm and harmony of life. nataraj is dancing the rhythmic dance of movement and creation, the dance of bliss. this dance of constant creation and destruction, birth, and death, is also the conquest over death in the knowing that it is, in truth, a rebirth.

  • sterling silver
  • approximately 1.125” x 1”


the fire surrounding dancing shiva is the primal energy flowing from within, to the universe, and back again. this dance is the dance of the universe, as the flames around shiva represent, and signifies creation, destruction, preservation, illusion, and salvation.

the upper right hand is holding a drum, symbolizing the sound of creation, the passage of time, and the vital principle of feminine + masculine.

the snake represents divine energy, wisdom, and eternity.

the upper left hand contains fire, symbolizing destruction. again, the creation/destruction, birth/death cycle that allows life to constantly expand.

the second right hand is in the abhaya mudra for grace, fearlessness, and protection from evil and ignorance.

the second assertive left hand points to the raised foot which symbolizes upliftment and liberation. it is freedom from fear.

the dwarf shiva dances upon symbolizes victory over ignorance and suffering, as well as the acceptance of and liberation beyond these aspects of self into the dancer of creation. the passage of the divine into the physical.

nataraj remains tranquil and balanced in this dance of bliss and the third eye is symbolic of omniscience, insight, and enlightenment.