quartz intention power pyramid


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this quartz intention power pyramid is a beautiful tool for positive energy and manifestation. the combination of clear quartz and the pyramid shape give it extra amplification power! cleanse and recharge it as needed.

  • includes one small quartz pyramid approximately .75″ height with .75″ base
  • due to the natural material, each piece will vary slightly in appearance

quartz is a master healer. it is a stone of light and expansion and can amplify one’s intentions in order to achieve inner and outer goals. it is a powerful stone and connects with its user, and is to always be used for the highest and best good. one can use visualization and affirmation to program positive dreams and energies into the stone. clear quartz invites high vibrational frequencies to the physical and one can see synchronicity increase as highest and best intentions manifest. with its ability to magnify and amplify energy, quartz is wonderful for any type of healing and prayer work, and can also be used to amplify the power of other stones. clear quartz can release blocks, stimulating and opening chakras and energetic pathways. it cleanses the body and soul attuning to spiritual purpose and taking them to the most perfect state. clear quartz is a wonderful ally of amplification and clarity, and due to its strong connection to higher realms, it enhances clear communication and intuitive vision, overcoming confusion, bringing balance, and attracting and sending love.

the pyramid, made of four equilateral triangles on a square base, is a great mystery full of mathematics and symbols. the four-sided square represents all directions and a solid foundation. the triangle has three points, representing true wisdom. it has a solid foundation and with ascension to the top, is less condensed, has pure air, is lighter, and easier to maneuver and see all sides. at the top, it is limitless. the pyramid has been said to represent rebirth and death, light and shadow, and the passage from ignorance to knowledge and from darkness to light. it is also said to represent the unity of body and divine self and alliance of heaven and earth.

pyramids shaped objects are known to have metaphysical, health-assisting, and preserving powers, and have been used since ancient times for these purposes. pyramids are said to produce negative ions and direct electromagnetic energy from the around the earth. pyramids are powerful tools for focusing positive energy as the point pulls in universal energy and the four sloping sides are said to emit and focus the positive energy while neutralizing the negative.

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our source and information page.