rhodochrosite oval cab posts


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glowing cab earrings such as these rhodochrosite oval cab posts are a smooth, subtle way to add jewels to your everyday ensemble. these soft pink stones vibrate to the frequency of love, inner peace, and your courageous, playful heart!

  • sterling silver and rhodochrosite stud earrings
  • 8mm x 6mm(4) 6mm x 5mm(1)

rhodochrosite is a stone of love and wholeness, comforting to the heart and soul. it aligns to the frequency of love, releasing anxiety and stress. vibrating to inner peace with a soothing, loving energy, it is devoted to self love, compassion, self-forgiveness, self-healing, and recovering from trauma, abuse, or wounds in order to heal the inner child and blossom into the self one was born to be. this includes the gifts, loves, characteristics, talents, and abilities that may have been hidden, lost, or left behind due to emotional trauma. this helps one connect to the frequency of the courageous heart and take action on one’s heart-knowledge without fear, expressing love and affection. rhodochrosite helps one reconnect to the playfulness, joy, grace, and magical happiness of a child that feels safe and loved, stimulating creativity and the courage and will to play, pursue dreams, and create one’s reality. rhodochrosite can repair holes or disarray in the auric field, particularly the emotional body, as it helps one to confront irrational fears, painful, repressed feelings, and to identify patterns with a loving awareness. this allows emotional release without shutting down, without fear of expressing one’s emotions. it helps in relationships and assists in a dynamic, positive attitude of confidence and will. rhodochrosite also assists in enlivening and spontaneous expression of feeling, enhanced dream states and creativity, and lifting depression and bringing in lightness so one can link to the higher mind and integrate new information.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.