ruby goddess passion necklace


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activate and amplify passion, desire, and vitality with this gorgeous ruby goddess passion necklace. live with passion. radiate light and enthusiasm. be strong, courageous, and bold. awaken the goddess within.

created to inspire and awaken the goddess inside every woman, this beautiful goddess necklace is strung on a sterling silver filled chain and features a sterling silver hand wrapped ruby stone. it comes

  • ruby crystal approximately 12x5mm
  • 18” sterling silver filled chain
  • mounted on a beautifully designed FSC certified card with an inspirational quote
  • comes with envelope so you have your card and gift in one!

ruby emanates the most vibrant red ray color of the root chakra, stimulating enthusiasm and life force vitality into your being. it is a grounding stone that takes excess energy and pulls it to your earth connection, transmuting it into passion and zest for life, energizing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, inspiring you to enjoy being in the physical world! ruby is a stone of love and passion and helps to see the true nature of love, opening you to give and receive this divine love. it heals the connection to the physical body, inspiring love of the body, helping regulate metabolism and stimulate sexual energy. this stone of adventure attracts synchronicity and opportunity, all while infusing the soul with courage and fortitude to leap and play in the abundant prospects and chances. ruby inspires you to walk through fear and pursue aspirations lovingly and open hearted, with creativity, confidence, and fervor!

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.