seahorse swirl earrings


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stunning and unique like the majestic sea creature, these seahorse swirl earrings resemble a seahorse, a symbol of awareness, protection, patience, peace, grace, generosity, and connection.

wear these gorgeous earrings with the grace and magic of these exquisite sea dancers.

  • mother of pearl
  • 2.75″ x 1.25″

seahorse reminds us that there is nowhere to get and nothing to prove; to recognize the beauty and magic in where we are and who we are right this very moment. they also remind us to be aware of inflexibility and stubbornness and to use our awareness to keep our perception sharp-knowing when protective walls are necessary and when to let our armor down. they assist in emotional clarification, reminding us to be active in our nourishing qualities for self and others. seahorse also symbolizes the balance of masculine and feminine and the importance of sharing duties, responsibilities, play, and looking at perspectives together with our partner. most notably, however, the seahorse has an intricate, beautiful mating dance, invoking deeper romance and connection.