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this sweetness of life hummingbird necklace is a blissful reminder to relish in the sweet nectars of life! sing joyfully, move joyously in your environment, and enjoy the laughter and gifts all around you. do what you love, and love what you do!

  • sterling silver hummingbird pendant approximately .5″ x .75″
  • choose from 16″ or 18″ snake chain or 16″ fancy ball chain (1mm sterling silver)

hummingbirds move their wings at rapid speeds in the figure 8 pattern of infinity. they are a symbol of honesty, freedom, color, love, and playfulness. with their extraordinary bills and tongues built to extract nectar, they cannot survive without flowers and many flowers cannot survive without them. singing a vibration of pure joy and being quite playful, they represent tireless joy and wonder, accomplishing what seems impossible, and relishing in the sweetness and nectar of life. they are extremely skilled fliers capable of traveling great distances, able to move forward, backward, sideways, hover, take off and stop at great speeds, and feed in midair. hummingbirds represent the feminine desire to birth and nurture our expression, to find our joy, and to create love and joy in the home. hummingbird flies away from disharmony and discord and reminds us to live with a loving, open heart so as to truly taste the nectar and see the true colors of the pure bliss of life, guiding us to beautiful relationships that bring out the best in us. they remind us to enjoy laughter, music, and the gifts all around us. hummingbird teaches us to renew the magic of living, expanding joy in all directions, and that if we truly love what we are doing, we become light as a feather and rich with nectar, helping others taste the succulent nectar of life!

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on animal totems, crystals, and other symbols, along with a link to sources, click here!

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 1 in

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