thick bollywood cuff bracelet




dramatic and eye-catching, this adjustable thick bollywood cuff bracelet combines two lively shades hand-painted over metal, embossed with a larger floral and fauna design. bold yet delicate, wear this vibrant piece alone or combine it with a thin or medium bollywood cuff for a more extravagant look.

  • choose from succulent citrus (a dynamic turquoise and lime) and luscious lilium (a striking pink and navy).
  • 1.5” width
  • 2.25″-3″ diameter

extraordinary and inspiring, these fair trade and artisan-made pieces use traditional art forms that combine modern design and enchanting indian influences. product are upcycled, sustainable, and use non-toxic dyes. due to limited production batches, every piece has a distinctively handmade unique and rich feel. be inspired by traditional art forms, crafted by the hands of master artisans. live sweetly, brightly, naturally.