tourmalated oval cab posts


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glowing cab earrings are a smooth, subtle way to add jewels to your everyday ensemble. these tourmalated oval cab posts are a cleansing, protecting, balancing energetic ally, wonderful to wear on a daily basis.

  • sterling silver and black tourmaline tourmalated quartz stone stud¬†earrings
  • size and pattern slightly varies with each set; approximately 8.5 mm x 7.25 mm

tourmalated, tourmalined, or tourmalinated quartz. this fascinating and powerful combination stone is clear quartz with black tourmaline running through it. the cleansing, purifying, and grounding energies of the black tourmaline are amplified by the powerful clear quartz! this powerful ally clears negative energy, dissolves patterns, releases tensions, repairs the auric field, transmutes negative thoughts and energies into positive usable ones, creates balance, and heals and integrates shadow aspects. it enhances awareness and allows one to receive the full spectrum of light, vibrations, and frequencies necessary for optimal balance and health, physically and energetically. tourmalated quartz creates a protective energetic field around the body that protects and also helps remove heaviness and blocks. it assists in purifying and stimulating energies on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and restoring proper flow, facilitating clear thinking, and promoting general well-being.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to sources..