turquoise full circle ring

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no matter how lost or found we feel, we find our answers within, where wholeness is lovingly waiting, always. this unique turquoise full circle ring has fashionable, artistic silver work around the stone for a reflective, balancing energy.

a loving, unique piece, with a spectacular healing stone, wear this turquoise ring to connect to the heart and assist in opening the mind to connect to spirit and enhance intuition. honor yourself as a divine being and bring into awareness the infinite possibilities of the universe!

  • turquoise stone (12mm)
  • in stunning sterling design approximately 3/4″

turquoise is a healing stone of wholeness, often considered a bridge between heaven and earth, as it enhances communication between the physical and spiritual. turquoise lifts your spirit and brings awareness to the heart center, dissipating self sabotage, enhancing self forgiveness, acceptance, and love, releasing regret and allowing all aspects of one’s self to be loved and integrated into wholeness. it helps you see that self love is the same as kindness and love toward others, releasing inhibition, and encouraging self expression and communication from the wholeness of your being.

crystals are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.