unconditional love 216 bead mala


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wear this unconditional love 216 bead mala and keep your heart open to give, receive, and share unconditional love! malas are wonderful for meditation or prayer, and for charging and wearing your intentions.

  • pink rose quartz heart pendant
  • rosequartz and rudraksha beads

these make very special gifts and each piece comes with two inserts; one with information and healing aspects of the rudraksha beads and another with brief healing aspects of the all of the stones.

the principal stone of unconditional love, rose quartz moves one into union with the all, activating the heart chakra for the emanation of love. in addition, it clears the emotional body and brings other chakras into harmony and unity with the heart, the strongest generator of light energy in the body. resolving old emotional patterns, the gifts of this healing stone’s energy include the dissolution of anger, resentment, fear, suspicion, and worry, and the release of tension, anxiety, and stress. rose quartz is gentle, stabilizing, and strengthening for the heart, healing emotional wounds, reawakening trust and harmony, promoting love, forgiveness, self-love, self-trust, self-worth, self-forgiveness, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace. rose quartz assists in reprogramming one for joy and longevity! this rose colored gem is one of the most valuable spiritual allies, as it opens the heart to give, receive, and share love, and bathes the body in a healing, enlightening frequency. it supports connection and bonds with one’s romantic lover, family, friends, community, the earth, universe, and divine. loving rose quartz always surrounds you with universal, unconditional love!

it is said that there is an unexplainable positive powerful force manifested in rudraksha. when we wear rudraksha beads, we are literally carrying sacks of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen against our bodies, increasing negative ion levels and soaking up the vibration of pure living organisms, similar to the effects of being in nature. this releases chemicals in our bodies responsible for emotional response, uplifting mood, and calming the mind and nervous system, all helping relieve stress, depression, and lethargy. rudraksha help free the mind of negative thought, increase immunity and energy, rejuvenate, restore clarity and peace of mind, and add protection.

the rudraksha bead varies in size from 4 mm to 16 mm. the smaller the beads, the more rare and difficult to obtain. the supply is limited therefore they are more costly. authentic high quality beads have a very long life, sometimes known to last up to 8 generations.

rudraksha stems from hindu mythology and means “the eyes of shiva”. it is said that the god meditated on the welfare of mankind and emerged crying tears of compassion. as the tears hit the earth, they crystallized to form these trees. rudraksha are considered sacred and should be treated with respect and care.

wash them occasionally with soap and water to remove dirt and dust, and rub them with natural oil. they will naturally become darker with time. this is the desired effect, since the natural (body) oils penetrate into the beads and make them stronger. wear the beads close to the skin.

when not in use, store your mala in a special, clean, and preferably sacred space. keep the mala off the ground and incense or energetically cleanse the mala, especially when not used for a longer time. preferably, don´t wear the mala while sleeping.

these beads are truly sacred. treat them with reverence. may they truly bless you and humankind.

crystals and rudraksha are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to sources..