baby lemurian quartz crystal set

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the baby lemurian quartz crystal set is wonderful to use in healing crystal grids. lemurian quartz is well-chosen for self work, as it carries a deeply loving vibration and information from the ancient lemurian civilization.

  • key words: programmability, amplification of one's intentions, magnification of ambient energies, cleansing, clearing, healing, memory enhancement

  • element: storm

  • chakra: all

  • each clear quartz stone will vary in size, shape, and clarity

  • 24 baby lemurian quartz stones; approximately .75"-1" x .4"-.5"

lemurian seed quartz is known to have a deeply loving vibration and is wonderful for self work and healing. they are said to hold within them valuable information from ancient lemuria. the lemurians were known to be a gentle civilization that were highly evolved spiritually and loved the earth. as such, they worked with these crystals, programming them with highly loving vibrations and messages. if meditating with these crystals, one can continually run their finger up the ridges of the crystal to connect higher and deeper into the divine realms. if one feels to stop at a particular ridge, one can meditate there to receive messages. often emotional healing can occur from past experiences.

quartz is a master healer. it is a stone of light and expansion and can amplify one’s intentions in order to achieve inner and outer goals. it is a powerful stone and connects with its user, and is to always be used for the highest and best good. one can use visualization and affirmation to program positive dreams and energies into the stone. clear quartz invites high vibrational frequencies to the physical and one can see synchronicity increase as highest and best intentions manifest. with its ability to magnify and amplify energy, quartz is wonderful for any type of healing and prayer work, and can also be used to amplify the power of other stones. clear quartz can release blocks, stimulating and opening chakras and energetic pathways. it cleanses the body and soul attuning to spiritual purpose and taking them to the most perfect state. clear quartz is a wonderful ally of amplification and clarity, and due to its strong connection to higher realms, it enhances clear communication and intuitive vision, overcoming confusion, bringing balance, and attracting and sending love.

Main Source: The Book of Stones
by: Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link all sources.