blue opal essence ring

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let this unique calming blue opal essence ring allow you to center and nourish your mind and soul with joy and full spectrum energy.

  • sterling silver ring with blue opal stone
  • due to the nature of stones, look/color varies slightly

the opal is a stone of purification, love, light, + intuition. it is an emotional amplifier, stimulating the emotional body. this nourishes the aura with full spectrum light + also illuminates the dark spots of one’s energy in order to cleanse + release what is no longer in one’s highest alignment. once released, one is able to manifest the divine + nourish oneself with joy + full spectrum energy! opal is a beautiful assistant to healing + magnifying one’s divine light for positive + loving energy.

blue opal helps one witness the mind, helping calm + center, making it wonderful for contemplation + meditation. it helps one in spiritual understanding without ego resistance, helping release resistance to one’s spiritual path. blue opal can also help one find the right words or sounds to communicate one’s truth with grace.

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our information page.