bumblebee jasper polished stone

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if you're feeling a bit disconnected from your intuition, it could be time to get more in tune to your 'gut feeling'. it is said that in addition to our brain, we also have a 'heart brain' and a 'gut brain'. let bumblebee jasper help you connect to your body so you can recognize when your gut is bringing your knowing into awareness. this inspiring stone can help you release your fears and take a step toward your next adventure!

  • bumblebee jasper polished stone approximately 1-1.25" x .75-1"

  • each stone varies in color and pattern

bumblebee jasper brings us in attunement with our ‘gut feelings,’ or instincts. this enhances courage and helps release fear and hesitation so we can feel confident in our decisions and enjoy the adventures in life. bumblebee jasper merges inspiration, passion, clarity, and purpose, especially in areas suited to our inner spiritual makeup. it empowers us to have the endurance to persist through obstacles to achieve dreams which are deeply meaningful to us.
bumblebee jasper is formed from a sedimentary rock combination that contains sulfur, manganese oxide, realgar and orpiment (arsenic-sulfide minerals), and calcium carbonate. this makeup is different from most jasper and so it is not a “true” jasper and some say it is more of an agate. its known locations are only inside volcanoes located in Australia and Indonesia. be cautious if your stone becomes broken or chipped. if it does, you should dispose of it or have it sealed so you don’t come in contact with any powder. the yellow coloring is due to the presence of sulfur, which is toxic, as is arsenic, so care should be taken - always wash your hands after handling this stone, especially any broken pieces.

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