danburite crystal

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danburite crystal facilitates raising one's awareness to higher spiritual vibrations + harmonizing them with the heart. this assists in raising our collective vibration + aligning the planet to divine source and spirit. danburite's calming presence also makes it perfect for meditation.

    • each danburite crystal from mexico will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

    • approximately 1.5"-2" x  .5"-.75"

danburite is a wonderful stone to gently assist raising one's awareness to higher spiritual vibrations. it does so by clearing and opening the crown chakra while also connecting and harmonizing it with the heart. it can also activate and integrate the transpersonal and etheric chakras, connecting one to angelic domains and higher spiritual realms and beings. danburite's high, sweet frequency is perfect for meditation, communion with the divine, and soothing of the emotional body. this lends to joy and wellness and helps release worry, fear, grief, anger, and anxiety. danburite is a conduit for opening the heart and the planet to alignment with divine source and spirit.

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.