earth candy crystal goddess necklace

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like candy drops on your collar bone, this earth candy crystal goddess necklace is sugar + spice + just may attract sweet kisses.

hand crafted + designed with equal servings of shimmer, color, + sparkle, this yummy necklace in five different crystals looks good enough to eat. don’t eat it! but do wear it with sweetness...

  • choose from: blue raspberry (london blue topaz), grape (tanzanite), rainbow (labradorite), strawberry (pink sapphire), sugar (moonstone).
  • 15.75”-16” 14kt gold-filled cable chain plus 1.75” extender + lobster clasp.

blue raspberry. topaz is an excellent stone for affirmation, visualization, + manifestation. it helps hold that space of gratitude + trust in the universe + inner knowing, dissolving doubt + uncertainty. this assists in healing, encourages openness, promotes truth + forgiveness, + helps one see the truth in others. topaz encourages a desire to spread sunshine + beauty, as it carries a vibrant energy of love, good fortune, joy, generosity, abundance, + good health, making you highly receptive to love from everywhere! in addition, blue topaz promotes communication + sharing of knowledge + perception. it connects you to your higher self + aligns you with your inner truth assisting in communication + expressing oneself with meaning + clarity.

(teardrop london blue topaz approximately 7mm x 5mm with 8mm x 5mm center bead; rotund london blue topaz approximately 3mm).

grape. tanzanite links the heart + third eye chakras, integrating + aligning the mind + heart. it helps keep one centered in the heart + in enlightened compassion, as the two constantly reflect to one another the vibrations of joy + pleasure. this generates an energy of happiness! tanzanite helps release worry, gain emotional insight, + balance one’s mental + emotional bodies. it helps one raise their vibration + connect to higher sources in order to broaden perspective, connect to the heart’s truth, + communicate this truth with eloquence. tanzanite helps one live heart-centered in love + compassion for self + others!

(teardrop tanzanite approximately 7mm x 5mm with 8mm x 5mm center bead; rotund tanzanite approximately 3mm).

rainbow. labradorite awakens one’s intuitive abilities, as they are tools to assist us in living our highest purpose in our highest + best good. it is an interdimensional stone of truth, inner knowledge, + higher awareness, + assists in keeping us in harmony. it allows us to pierce the veils + see the magical synchronicities that help us allow the unfolding of our highest potential + movement toward self mastery.

(teardrop labradorite approximately 6mm x 8mm with 6.5mm x 10mm center bead; rotund labradorite approximately 3mm).

strawberry. pink sapphire is a gentle stone of love, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, + release. it clears emotional blockages + facilitates a letting go of old wounds, resentments, + walls, so they no longer have power. with this facilitation of forgiveness + release, it offers a deep resilience that allows one to be vulnerable + have the courage to allow love + gratitude into the heart so one can be passionate in connecting within oneself + others. pink sapphire brings forth an energy that is soothing, loving, + playful, allowing one to enjoy compassionate, loving, + playful relationships + interactions.

(teardrop pink sapphire approximately 7mm x 5mm; rotund pink sapphire approximately 3mm).

sugar. moonstone is the mysterious stone of new beginnings likened to the divine feminine, the cycles of the moon, + our continuous evolution to a higher perspective. it helps clear the aura + balance emotion, enhancing emotional intelligence + helping guide you to retrieve lost or forgotten parts of yourself. moonstone is a powerful tool to connect to feminine energies + activate high levels of intuition + communication with higher realms, creating an openness + awareness to the synchronicities + gifts of the universe.

(teardrop moonstone approximately 7mm x 7mm with 8mm x 8mm center bead; rotund moonstone approximately 3mm).

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.