enchanting unicorn ring

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wear your your enchanting unicorn charm ring to stay connected to the magic of this powerful creature of freedom, healing, miracles, + beauty.

  • sterling silver unicorn ring.
  • approximately 3/4" in height.

the unicorn is a powerful creature of beauty said to bring blessings, freedom, miracles, purity, + enchantment. according to legend, unicorns are a rare, mysterious, uncapturable creature that can be seen only by those who are virginal in the true metaphysical sense; meaning, the pure of heart + virtuous in deed. as a unicorn's horn symbolizes in pointing upward, they are believed to be of a higher realm; one of unity as opposed to duality. unicorns are a beast drawn to the feminine + the feminine quality of nurturing all of life. therefore, they are associated with the moon, growth, birth, rebirth, renewal, + fertility.

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