flower of life ring

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this flower of life ring is a beautiful way to bask in your gratitude for life and creation! the gorgeous flower-like sacred geometry pattern contains multiple sacred patterns and the informational structure for all of life.

  • sterling silver flower of life ring

  • approximately 1"

sacred geometry analyzes and works with geometric figures to attune to mystical laws of creation. it observes and connects shape, form, and frequency. the flower of life is a figure of sacred geometry composed of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles creating a flower-like pattern. it is inclusive of many other sacred geometry patterns such as the vesica pisces, the seed of life, the egg of life, the tree of the life, metatron’s cube, and the platonic solids (building blocks of all matter). the flower of life forms “the fruit of life”, the blueprint of the universe. the informational structure for light, sound, music, any living structure, and all forms of life and creation, (from our bodies, to the trees, to the galaxies), can all be found within the flower of life. it is a beautiful expression of the connection of life that runs through all beings.