fluorite octahedron crystal set in grams

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this fluorite octahedron crystal set in grams is for calling forth nurturing + loving energies + accentuating your powerful connection to your heart-center. use your set to harmonize your heart with your mind so they can work together towards your highest + best good!

raise your vibration! align with your heart!

these special pastel beauties in the platonic solid octahedron shape are wonderful for crystal grids.

  • choose from small (approx. 25 pieces) or tiny (approx. 45-50 pieces).
  • small fluorite crystals; approximately .75" x .5".
  • tiny fluorite crystals; approximately .4"x .5"-.6".
  • sizes + colors vary. these sweet octahedron crystals are in shades of green, purple, + sometimes blue.

fluorite is known to integrate the mind + heart so they can work together toward one’s highest + best good. fluorite assists in bringing balance + structure to one's energy to focus, make decisions, + take action with higher awareness, intuition, discernment, + clarity.

the octahedron platonic solid is associated with the heart chakra + air element. it has been said to move you into your higher vibrations + connect you with your heart's truth, returning to the true self + nurturing it with love, forgiveness, acceptance, + compassion, expanding this inner love outward. octahedrons have 8 triangular sides.

for more crystal information, check out our totems, crystal, + symbols page.

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.