fluorite octahedron large crystal

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this fluorite octahedron large crystal in the platonic solid octahedron shape doubles the power of heart healing nurture and love. it helps one focus actively with higher awareness, intuition, discernment, and clarity. it harmonizes the mind with the heart so that they can work together towards one’s highest and best good! raise your vibration! align with your heart!

  • large fluorite octahedron crystal; approximately 2.5"

  • colors vary light to dark green sometimes with a hint of purple

fluorite is balancing to the third eye chakra and mental energies. its energy calms overwhelmed mental states, relieving any form of uneasiness, instability, and fear. it clears the environment of confusion, cluttered thoughts, and negativity, harmonizing and bringing order to chaos. it is extremely helpful in intuition, discernment, and clear decisions. fluorite helps to bring balance, enhancing learning and memory. this facilitates a calm energy that eases worry and anxiety and helps pick one creative area to focus on and take steps of action to do so, helping manifest ideas and energies into physical reality. fluorite can lend access to higher levels of energy and awareness in order to assist in shifting energetic blueprints, making it a wonderful assistant to healers and those working on self healing. fluorite helps one focus and attune to higher guidance and receive intuitive information. in addition, it cleanses and heals the heart chakra and connects the mind and actions to the alignment of the heart.

the octahedron platonic solid is associated with the heart chakra and air element. it moves you into your higher vibrations and connects you with your heart center, returning to the true self and nurturing it with love, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion, and expanding this inner love outward. 8 triangular sides

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer.