ganesha inner royalty pendant

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wear your enchanting ganesha inner royalty pendant as a continuous reminder to connect with your inner self + to honor the beauty of movement, new beginnings, + the gift of each new day.

this gorgeous ganesha inner royalty pendant features ganesha in an intricate design, ready to adorn you with your rightful royal gifts + remind you of your true royal self.

  • sterling silver ganesha pendant; approximately 1.25" x 1".

ganesha is the god of success, knowledge, education, + wealth, + the remover of evils + obstacles on the eternal spiritual path. he brings wisdom, effortlessness, generosity, protection, + humility. here, ganesha holds his front right hand in the abhaya mudra of peace, protection, + fearlessness while his front left hand is bearing gifts, symbolizing limitless abundance! in his back right hand, he carries an axe (goad) to remove obstacles, release you from unhealthy attachments, + allow the path to your highest truth. in his back left hand, the rope pulls you to your highest + best good...your greatest success. the mouse is a reminder that you are a part of all things great + small. ganesha is a loyal, generous companion for your journey. he is the effortless remover of obstacles, offering protection + all of the gifts the universe loves to offer.

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