hematoid quartz inner balance heart

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these hematoid quartz inner balance hearts are hand selected for their stunning rainbows. when you're feeling scattered, they remind you that your fragmented parts are simply more color and light finding its way home to wholeness.

  • hematoid quartz inner balance heart

  • approximately 1.375 - 1.625"

hematoid quartz (ferruginous quartz, harlequin quartz) is quartz with inclusions of hematite. (the quartz can also be found with a coating of hematite). consequently, this crystal carries the properties of quartz and hematite, grounding, balancing, stabilizing, amplifying, healing, and transmuting. it helps balance the body, mind, and spirit, and harmonizes the energies of the aura, light body, and subtle body. hematoid quartz can help balance emotion and thought and bring clarity and understanding. it helps one accept and integrate the shadow Self. when one feels scattered or fragmented, emotionally or mentally, hematoid quartz can help to pick up and put back together the pieces, bringing wholeness and a new perspective. it help with focus and calms panic and anxiety. hematoid quartz is a wonderful ally for manifestation as the quartz amplifies hematites ability to ground your dreams from the higher realms to your earth experience.