hemimorphite crystal pendant

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you wear your hemimorphite crystal pendant because you are an ocean of love + compassion, seeing the incredible beauty of life + all of its experiences.

  • double terminated hemimorphite pendant; approximately 1.5" x .3125“
  • sterling silver setting

hemimorphite is reminiscent of flowing waters + bright skies. water energy flows in emotional healing + communication while the sky mirrors connection to high spiritual frequencies. hemimorphite enhances compassion, empathy, + wisdom. it heals the throat chakra + opens those above, allowing communication of truth with self-trust, confidence, + clarity. it can aid in healing relationships + guiding them to compassion, forgiveness, + true, loyal connection. hemimorphite is a stone of wisdom + joy in the gift of life experience. it offers peace through all moments, + allows sorrow to flow into gratitude + joy in being + sharing life.

double terminated stones give, receive, + allow energy to flow in both directions. this allows the assistance of expanding consciousness while still helping ground while dispelling excess energy. it can also be used to bridge barriers or gaps in the energy field.

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.