hummingbird charm sweetness of life necklace

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wear your hummingbird charm sweetness of life necklace as a reminder to relish in the sweet nectars of life! sing joyfully, move joyously in your environment, + enjoy the laughter + gifts all around you.

  • sterling silver hummingbird pendant; approximately .5" x .75".
  • choose from 16" or 18" snake chain or 16" or 18" fancy ball chain (1mm sterling silver).

hummingbirds move their wings at rapid speeds in the figure 8 pattern of infinity. they are a symbol of honesty, freedom, color, love, + playfulness. they exemplify tireless joy + wonder, + accomplishing what seems impossible. they also represent the feminine desire to birth + nurture our expression, find our joy, + create love + joy in the home. they say to live with a loving, open heart, guiding us to beautiful relationships. hummingbirds remind us to enjoy laughter, music, + the gifts all around us. to sing joyfully + renew the magic of living, expand with joy in all directions, + to relish in (+ help others relish in) the sweetness of life!

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