inner lighthouse charm necklace

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let your inner lighthouse necklace remind you that as you are sailing the sea of life, you are safe + loved always. if you ever feel lost in the dark, your inner light is always beaming in all directions so you are sure to find your way home.

  • sterling silver inner lighthouse pendant approximately .5" x .25".
  • choose from 16" or 18" snake chain or 16" or 18" fancy ball chain (1mm sterling silver)

a lighthouse is a representation of our own beacon of inner light. the light that guides us as we are traversing the waters of our inner + outer world that can feel smooth + flowing, or maybe at times, a bit rocky + turbulent. the lighthouse stands tall + sturdy in the day + night, + its light shines out in all directions so it can be seen from anywhere. the lighthouse reminds us to scan the horizon, + connect with that beacon of inner light. then we will keep moving forward in the right direction + know that home is always right there in sight. calm, serene waters, + abundant prosperous adventure are ours to enjoy!

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