malachite crystal pendant

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you wear your malachite crystal pendant because you align with your personal + divine will. you bring transformation + confident action to co-create with the universe for the highest + best good.

  • double tourmanated malachite crystal; approximately 1.25" x .3125".
  • sterling silver setting

malachite is a healing stone of protection, transformation, will, confident action, + recognizing + using one’s power of manifestation for the highest + best good. it permeates one’s aura with positive vibrations + screens it from negative or hostile forces, keeping one safe + protected. malachite helps exercise boundaries when needed, while also helping one recognize + move through blocks, old patterns, + emotional traps that were stunting spiritual growth. in addition to relieving constrictive energy patterns, it also clears + activates the chakras while attuning to spiritual guidance so life force energy flows vibrantly through the aura and body. this facilitates deep emotional healing + enhances intuition + insight. malachite stimulates the solar plexus + aligns one with personal + divine will, strengthening willpower + self-responsibility. it enhances one’s higher passions for life + creating, increasing the ability to be active in creating form from one’s thoughts + ideas. malachite helps one see + utilize their power to co-create with the universe in the highest + best good to manifest dreams + wishes without fear of expression + being seen.

double terminated stones give, receive, + allow energy to flow in both directions. this allows the assistance of expanding consciousness while still grounding the body + dispelling excess energy. it can also be used to bridge blockages or gaps in the energy field or meridian system.

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.