moon star ring

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a classic combination to reconnect us to our cosmic origins, this moon star ring in sterling silver is timeless. as you are made of earth, you are made of stars. shine on you crazy diamonds!

  • moon on ring approximately .25" h

the moon is a symbolic masterpiece in the sky, reflecting the sun’s light to us at night and giving energetic pull to our waters. it is a co-creator of the cycles of the earth. the moon represents intuition, the divine feminine, illumination, balance, cycles, reflection, and renewal.

stars symbolize heavenly bodies, purity, good luck, connection to all, and a place for dreams and wishes to come true. they remind us of the mysteries of life and of the cosmos, and to trust in the guidance of divine light. at the same time, these beautiful night lights are actually held together by their own gravity so they are also a symbol of self-reliance. we can look at the stars and know to connect to the divine light within that connects us with all and gives us guidance to dance in our sparkling existence.