moonflower power ring

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moonflower power ring. we have all likened the stars to diamonds glittering in the night, but have you ever compared the stars + moons to flowers in the sky? neither had we until this shimmering moonflower power ring came shining into view.

blue topaz surrounds a moonstone stigma center like flower petals made of stars. connect to earth + cosmos wearing this stunning moonflower power ring.

as you are made of earth, you are made of stars! glitter, shine, dance, glimmer with your majestic moonflower power!

  • sterling silver ring
  • iridescent moonstone 10mm
  • blue topaz 3-7mm
  • face of ring is approximately 1.125" x 1"

moonstone is the mysterious stone of new beginnings likened to the divine feminine, the cycles of the moon and our continuous evolution to a higher perspective. it helps clear the aura and balance emotion, enhancing emotional intelligence and helping guide you to retrieve lost or forgotten parts of yourself. moonstone is a powerful tool to connect to feminine energies and activate high levels of intuition and communication with higher realms, creating an openness and awareness to the synchronicities and gifts of the universe.

blue topaz. topaz is an excellent stone for affirmation, visualization, and manifestation. it helps hold that space of gratitude and trust in the universe and inner knowing, dissolving doubt and uncertainty. this assists in healing, encourages openness, promotes truth and forgiveness, and helps one see the truth in others. topaz encourages a desire to spread sunshine and beauty, as it carries a vibrant energy of love, good fortune, joy, generosity, abundance, and good health, making you highly receptive to love from everywhere! in addition, blue topaz is a stone of truth + wisdom. it is calming + soothing to the emotional body. this stone connects one to their higher self to align with their inner truth, stimulating the ability to learn + integrate knowledge + lessons. it promotes sharing + communicating emotions, perception, knowledge, + intuitive insights. blue topaz assists in expressing oneself with meaning, clarity, conviction, + eloquence, helping to conceive + achieve one's highest aspirations.

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.