opalized serpentine stone

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opalized serpentine stone from Peru. we are of both the earth and cosmos. let this serpentine open your heart and mind to your connection to the earth and all of nature. this stone helps regenerate and replenish your energy for living your highest and best life, here!

  • each stone is approx 1.25" x 1"

  • each piece varies in size and color

serpentine connects to the mind and heart of nature, enhancing communication with nature and earth. it helps manifest one’s divine potential in service to its healing and evolution. serpentine soothes the emotional body and assists in cellular regeneration, replenishing energy. it is an activator of kundalini energies, rousing the “serpent power” at the base of the spine. (while it assists in safe and balanced awakening of these profound energies, one should use caution and guidance).

it is highly recommended to use care and caution when working with powerful kundalini energy. consider consulting a trusted source when doing so.

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and sources.