orange calcite marble sphere

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how adorable are these little orange calcite marble spheres?! these cuties are for your inner fire, invigoration, and inspiration. revitalize and restore your creativity, sexuality, and vitality!

  • orange calcite marble sphere approximately .5" (or 16mm)

  • each piece will vary

orange calcite is wonderful for the sacral and solar plexus chakras, helping restore creativity, sexuality, and the will to move forward in creativity and joyful living. its solar energy is an encouragement of light, easing depression and lethargy. it brings joy into the body and the desire to transfer inspirational energy from within into the outside world and life experience. orange calcite is a beautiful stone to enhance one's creativity and sexuality. it's wonderful for artists as it ignites one's inner fire for enjoyment and expression of this creativity and sexuality.

a sphere symbolizes wholeness, unity, and infinity. this can be associated with the wholeness or completeness of the universe and all within it, or a person’s “wholeness”. a complete self operates consciously with integrity, clarity, and unity; in their true power. having no corners, a sphere is infinite; without beginning or end. this allows energy to emanate in all directions. being the shape of the earth, spheres hold a strong connection to nature.

crystals are for love and healing and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and sources.