palo santo smudge sticks

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palo santo smudge sticks. palo santo, meaning, “holy wood,” is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of south america. it is related to frankincense, myrrh, + copal, + carries a somewhat similar fragrance.

use palo santo's healing scent + sacred smoke to remove negative energy, provide energetic protection, uplift the spirit, enhance creativity, + bring good fortune + positive energy!

as an added bonus, palo santo is also good as a mosquito + flying insect repellent!

  • set of 5 palo santo smudge sticks
  • each palo santo smudge stick varies in size + is approximately 3.5"-4.5" x .5"-.75".
  • **please use caution + always burn under supervision.**
the magic of palo santo is a beautifully sacred, natural occurrence that must come after a tree's natural death following a long, mystical life of about 80-90 years. the tree must then stay in its natural habitat for another 4-10 to complete its miraculous, alchemical transformation. used for thousands of years, shamans, curanderos, + healers still use palo santo in ceremony + healing rituals.