pink crown butterfly earrings

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wear these pink crown butterfly earrings to inspire clarity, courage for change + growth, + to express the beauty of rebirth, forward motion, + freedom!

  • sterling silver + pink cubic zirconia post earrings
  • approximately .5" x .75"

butterflies represent beautiful beginnings, positive changes, happy love + union/marriage/ partnership, harmony, balance, grace, + our ever-evolving souls. they represent all stages of creation as emergence in beauty, awareness, joy, + bliss. butterflies are the celebration of the art of transformation, transmutation, + the dance of joy! they inspire clarity, courage for change + growth, + express the beauty of rebirth, forward motion, + freedom. butterfly says that all change is good + to move and enjoy the dance of life, + not take things so seriously. life has a beautiful flow + transformation can occur as sweetly, gently, + joyfully as we wish. when the caterpillar goes within and has the courage for change + growth, the beauty of rebirth is then experienced. celebrate the art of transformation as it gives way to joy, forward motion, + freedom. enjoy every moment of these beautiful journeys as you become clear + light, + your wet wings become full + dry...+ fly butterfly, share your magnificent colors with the world!

said to be the metal of the moon, silver brings reflective + balancing energy, helping keep one in tune with the energetic flow of the universe. it is believed to be the metal of emotion, love, + healing.

cubic zirconia (casually referred to as "CZ") is a diamond simulant often called "the stone of practicality". it is commonly used for grounding, improving focus, + increasing clarity. CZ is believed to release the ego, remove illusion, + dissipate selfishness. while some believe the stone doesn't have an energy, many find it exhibits some of the same metaphysical properties as zirconium since zirconium oxide is the base powder used to create CZ. zirconium oxide is abundant in lunar + asteroidal rock, + is a byproduct of titanium processing.

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