pink crown butterfly earrings

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wear these pink crown butterfly earrings to inspire clarity, courage for change + growth, + to express the beauty of rebirth, forward motion, + freedom!

  • sterling silver + pink cubic zirconia post earrings
  • approximately .5" x .75"

butterflies represent beautiful beginnings, positive changes, happy love + union/marriage/ partnership, harmony, balance, grace, + our ever-evolving souls. they represent all stages of creation as emergence in beauty, awareness, joy, + bliss. butterflies are the celebration of the art of transformation, transmutation, + the dance of joy! they inspire clarity, courage for change + growth, + express the beauty of rebirth, forward motion, + freedom. butterfly says that all change is good + to move and enjoy the dance of life, + not take things so seriously. life has a beautiful flow + transformation can occur as sweetly, gently, + joyfully as we wish. when the caterpillar goes within and has the courage for change + growth, the beauty of rebirth is then experienced. celebrate the art of transformation as it gives way to joy, forward motion, + freedom. enjoy every moment of these beautiful journeys as you become clear + light, + your wet wings become full + dry...+ fly butterfly, share your magnificent colors with the world!